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‘See No Evil’ Has Become the Motto of Modern Feminism | Sarah Stook

When you look at these feminists, you’re hardly looking at the most downtrodden of all women. They live in a free country, have the financial means to take a day off work to travel to the city (Inauguration Day is not a federal holiday) and contrary to popular belief, not victims of systematic oppression due to gender.


A Guide to Equality | Sarah Stook

Feminism. Misogyny. Misandry. Equality. Inequality. Sexist. Bigot. Buzzwords across social media, words construed as insults or as badges of honour. Words that are used to combat opinions that they don’t like, creating an argument...

Suffrage | Sarah Stook 0

Suffrage | Sarah Stook

The History of the Suffrage Movement Argument 1: Women cannot fight for King and Country Argument 2: Most women DON’T want the vote Argument 3: They are well represented by their husbands, fathers, brothers...