The Anti-Human League | Ben Thompson

The coronavirus epidemic has exposed many things about our society that will require further examination once this has winded down. A number of disconcerting trends have come to light – whether it be people selling hand sanitiser for extortionate prices or people putting their own enjoyment above the health of others.

However, one trend that has seemingly gone under the radar – but is no less disturbing – is the way in which some people have delighted in the unfolding chaos.

For what reason? Because it’s good for the environment, of course!

Now, hear me out.

On the face of it, it’s not a bad thing at all to discuss how we affect the environment. In fact, thanks to Greta Thunberg, it’s been a topic of conversation like never before.

But I can’t help but feel disturbed when I see people act as if the coronavirus is some sort of Biblical curse, inflicted upon humans to punish them for their carbon emissions.

One tweet that gained over 65,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes ominously stated, ‘Coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine. We’re the virus.’

Another tweet cheerfully declared that ‘This isn’t an apocalypse. It’s an awakening. Mother Earth is finally being given a moment to breathe.’

The people who put these creepy messages out into the world no doubt consider themselves ethical people. They proudly stand by their convictions of caring for the planet and all living creatures upon it – except for pesky humans, of course.

I absolutely think we should all take a interest in the health of our planet, but to rejoice in a disease that is killing thousands and leaving countless others bedridden is downright despicable.

These edicts wouldn’t look out of place coming from the Church of Euthanasia – a cult that proposes humans kill themselves to save the planet. Yet, these are the thoughts of average people, endorsed by thousands more.

I must also ask why is it acceptable to credit Mother Earth with having inflicted coronavirus upon us all, for the sin of pollution? If somebody said that God or Allah had released said virus to punish for us for our sins, that person would be looked upon as a hateful bigot – and a crackpot.

I’m reminded of when actress Jennifer Lawrence remarked that the hurricanes that had hit Florida and Texas in 2017 were a sign of “Mother Nature’s Wrath and Rage.”

Imagine the response she would have received if she’d said it was a sign of “God’s Wrath and Rage.”

Does Mother Earth/Nature just have a cuter ring to it? Do we prefer our vengeful deities to be female?

The coronavirus will affect the most vulnerable among us. Even if it didn’t, and we were all at equal risk, that’d be no reason to take it lightly. Are we not a society that values human life still?

The death of any human shouldn’t be taken lightly, and people should think twice before waxing whimsical odes to a virus that is causing a great deal of panic and stress across the globe.

Photo by PK Bazaar on Flickr.

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