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Conservatism has been losing for a long time. To those that have been in or around the conservative movement, or the nationalist movement, which in recent years has seen resurgence and is more closely aligned with traditional conservatism than the aforementioned, you will know that for all of modern history conservatives have been on the defensive. The grassroots on the right continue to be unorganised and fickle, ready to concede on social and cultural issues as liberal hegemony stamps its revolution all over the nations of the world.

The question we have to ask is why is this? It’s easy to point out the corruption of the right and conservative parties by moneyed interests, with the growth and cementation of neo-conservatism occurring in the decades prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Today we can all see the grifters and deceivers. The disingenuous figureheads propped up by think-tanks and dying media institutions that are desperate to maintain their own influence in the 21st century. Conservatism is an ideology kept neutered, championing capitalism and liberalism whilst playing victim about how hypocritical and mean the left is. Whatever good points with messaging and narrative spinning that you may find in the movement or its supposed parties across the west are crushed and overshadowed by their takes on the economy, environment and immigration.

What’s conservative about allowing the destruction of local communities and families so that Korean shipyard companies can sell slightly cheaper ships? What’s conservative about not conserving our green space and wildlife at the benefit of construction contractors? What’s conservative about potentially increasing immigration into Britain by the millions? If the conservative movement or the right as a whole needs to win and meet the challenges of today then it first must gain confident and ideologically consistent leadership that it can put its faith and trust in. I’ll pre-emptively apologise for the next point, as 2016 has been written about to death, but it has to be stressed that it was Donald Trump and Nigel Farage that proved that the impossible could be achieved through will and faith alone. Against Goliath-like institutional power, victories for the right can actually be won so long as the leadership, the movement and the people of the nation believe it can be done.

Despite conservatism and other right-wing ideologies being driven completely underground by the online tech giants, the conservative impulse in the younger generation continues to exist. TikTok, the app which is the almost exclusive domain of the young and the place that my generation (Generation Z) can congregate on a quasi-communal level, has on its platform a thriving renaissance of implicit conservatism. Of course the overtly partisan accounts aren’t successful (correctly and resoundingly mocked) but behind the culture and memes that spread is an implicit desire for an alternative to the liberal tyranny we all have to live with. What people want more than ever is something transcendent. Something that cuts through the materialism and nihilism of modernity and something that returns oneself to a more natural human existence. Younger people want to feel free again to speak and joke without the threat of being cancelled. They want a return to the existence of tangible social norms and a culture with a strong sense of morality.

Across the internet, but on TikTok especially, you’ll find jokes and posts about ones school life, with a great deal of sincere nostalgia attached and discussed in the comments underneath. I would argue that the cause of this is an either subconscious or conscious understanding that school was a form of government-enforced community, the absence of which leaves the young with a sense of isolation. Whilst it may be true that this nostalgia has always existed and is simply a part of growing up, I think it’s far deeper for those growing up currently. The rift between the outside world and how empty it feels and the school system, which by contrast is tight-knit and highly communal, is strongest now than it’s ever been. 21st century capitalism, and the rapidity at which modernity is progressing, is turning trivial feelings of nostalgia into deeper convictions and a desire for maintaining traditions or slowing down progress.

Normal people are sick of liberalism. They’re sick of feeling that their institutions are working against their interests, sick of feeling that criminals aren’t being brought to justice, sick of seeing degenerates and weirdos emboldened and promoted, sick of feeling powerless as the places they grew up are dismantled and transformed by immigration and urbanisation. After decades of the status quo, there lies an easy opportunity for politically incorrect nettles to be grasped and a competent conservative movement to be forged. A movement which may be a vanguard at first but one that would swell with the immediate outcry of support and relief that there still exists those with conviction and courage to stand up and say what the people are thinking. It’s not delusional to believe this is a possibility; a pendulum kept from swinging in the other direction for so long must give way at some point in the future. The lie of white patriarchal conservatism being the current global establishment is gone, and with it a burning new anti-establishment force can move in to capitalise on the growing dissatisfaction with the actual establishment, which is liberal globalist technocracy.

But if, in this moment, conservatives champion the interests of capital and act only in short-term political expediency to avoid bad headlines, then they will have acted like fools to be laughed at by our descendants and will have missed the greatest opportunity in modern history to create a strong multigenerational conservatism that can correctly meet the demands of the time.

The solution is simple. We become dedicated to the principles that make us conservatives. We stop existing as dogs on leashes that bark “hypocrite!” as the left strolls on winning more power and control over the hearts and minds of the people. We must throw away the defeatism, root out the grifters, and become solely dedicated to faith, family and nation (irrespective of whoever that may upset). It may be difficult, and some will really struggle with the consequences, but fearlessly standing tall and speaking the truth will attract enough electricity collectively that we might actually find competent leaders willing to fight the war we currently refuse to.

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

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