The CONservative Party: A View From The Inside | Louis Hodson

What comes to mind when I say, “The Conservative and Unionist party”? Does your mind leap to low taxes? No? A broad-church? No? Then how about strong borders, upholding British values or defending freedom of speech?

If any of the above were among your first thoughts, then I am afraid you fall into one of four categories:

  1. Sycophantic careerists
  2. The politically disengaged and apathetic
  3. Somebody stuck in the 1980s
  4. The clinically insane

For it has been clear to see to those who have even a passing interest in current affairs and are not blighted by blue-tinted glasses, that the Conservative Party is currently little more than a vehicle for authoritarianism and big government, simultaneously doing extraordinarily little to control our borders or create a shared British identity to mitigate the damaging effects of decades of state multiculturalism.

When it comes to our borders, we have been told for decades that only the Conservatives can get immigration under control. This is total poppycock. As the Migration Observatory at Oxford University points out, net migration peaked under the Conservatives in 2015 at 331,000, with the figure still being astronomically high at 313,000 for the year ending March 2020 (as reported by the ONS).

This is without even considering illegal immigration, which has largely come in the form of young African and Middle Eastern men crossing the English Channel in small, rubber dinghies; even though France (and the rest of Europe, for that matter) is not exactly a warzone. On the 20th of July, Migration Watch tweeted a BBC article stating that a record number (430) of illegal immigrants were reported to have crossed the Channel in a single day; imagine what the actual figure is. Both the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have promised a crackdown, but it is clear given the ever-increasing numbers landing on our beaches that these promises are little more than meaningless platitudes.

The party and its sycophantically loyal officers are, however, very quick to crackdown on dissenting opinions within the ranks. When I was a branch chairman for my local constituency (Erith and Thamesmead) I was reprimanded for publicly expressing my views on the Government’s handling of immigration – both legal and illegal. The following is an actual quote from the ETCA Deputy Chairman (Political):

“Louis, bearing in mind you are Chairman of an ETCA branch and the President of ETCA is Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, if you have comments about the present immigrant situation it would maybe be better to send them to her, which you can do via us, rather than posting negative comments on Twitter?”

Now at the time, I merely apologised for posting the “negative” (see: accurate) comments when I should have held my ground and pointed out that I hadtried to convey my feelings through my then superiors to no avail on a couple of occasions.

Remember the tier system? A perfect example of Government overreach and nanny-statism. When it was announced on the 15th of October that the whole of London would be moved into Tier 2, I was angered – not least because of the overreach but because Greenwich and Bexley (the boroughs in which my constituency is located) had low case numbers compared to the rest of London and even some tier 1 areas. I expressed my outrage with the situation and offered my resignation as Chair; somewhat panicked by my principled stance, the leader of a local Tory council rang me to try to reverse my decision. No facts, figures or science were put forward – despite her being in the meeting that decided the Tier shift, instead I was told to think of my “career” and how far I could advance if I kept my head down.

Things have only gotten worse since – we were promised no second lockdown, a second (and a third) lockdown were enforced. Nadhim Zahawi assured us on January 12th that vaccine passports would categorically not be introduced; the Government is now looking to bring them in for nightclubs, you might say “it’s only nightclubs” but do you really believe it will not go further?

And now the Government are not content with policing speech and expression just within their own party, they wish to imprison journalists who publish stories that “embarrass the Government” by flagrantly abusing the Official Secrets Act.

Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, when will we be adding Boris Johnson to this list of almost untouchable totalitarians? Very soon I say, unless he performs one of his famous U-turns and restores civil liberties to their former greatness.

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