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During this time of crisis, it is very difficult to find optimism in your day to day life. I for one have found it mind-shattering to constantly note the case numbers, deaths etc, and as a citizen I don’t see much improvement. As a Eurosceptic however, I have found the EU’s response to this crisis to be wonderful.

How often were we told in the past that the EU was the shining beacon of unity amongst our European brothers? Well, when profits are soaring, I am sure that everything is hunky-dory. Now that we are faced with a truly testing time in our lives, both personally and politically, we find that the aforementioned unity has proven to be a profound myth.

We see that when push comes to shove, and shove comes to catastrophe, nations will naturally forgo their love of their neighbours and side with the people they are meant to protect. We saw EU nations seize shipments of masks, compete over cargo planes filled with PPE and in some cases even seize equipment that was intended to go to a fellow member state. This is not surprising to the Eurosceptic, as we all knew that we are protective of our peoples by nature, and to assume any different (especially now) was borderline delusional.

Boris Johnson would be wise to cut further ties with this union and seek better pastures across the Atlantic. The EU does not care about its’ member states, only the power they hold over them.

What we have learned over these previous months is that nationalism is the default setting, when the mask is ripped off of us. The globalist rhetoric that poisons the mouths of the EU elite has shown to be just that – poison.

Photo by Charos Pix on Flickr.

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