The Football Establishment’s War on Fans | David Charles Jones

A chorus of boos rang out in the Riverside Stadium as England took on Romania on Sunday evening, as the players defied spectators to ‘take the knee’ again in their futile attempts to ‘combat racism’. In the last week, England football manager Gareth Southgate has intervened, saying that essentially, their fans are a bunch of racists. Gary Lineker, football media darling and ex-England striker said ‘If you boo England players for taking the knee, you’re part of the reason why players are taking the knee.’

The same weak characters only a few months ago were saying ‘listen to the fans’ when the Big Six Premier League football clubs looked to break away from England’s football pyramid. Time was taken out of highlights programmes to let football’s pundits speak for fans whose sport was in jeopardy. But now the fans are not subscribing to their agenda, their views are being swiftly disregarded, rendering their stand for fans several months ago redundant and unprincipled. “We know best” reigns supreme among the football elite, bearing an almost uncanny resemblance to Big Remain’s sneering and bigotry towards working class Brexiteers.

And of course it is the booing fans who are in the right. For twelve long months football players have been taking the knee following the murder of George Floyd across the Atlantic. Twelve months. And the fans, now being allowed back into the stadiums, finally have a platform to air their grievances towards it, and they have wasted no time in doing so. And thank goodness. The pathetic act of kneeling is purely vacuous virtue signalling that has done nothing to address any incidents of racism that occurs. Instead it imports all the costs of America’s highly racialised culture wars, which seek to tear communities apart. And football’s protest to the world of “Look at what we’re doing” is despite its dreadful record of not promoting black and ethnic minority managers to the top jobs or tackling the racist abuse in the football stands in Central and Eastern Europe. Taking the knee is nothing more than a cover up for the lack of action the game has taken so instead chooses the moral lecturing of the British fans and the communities around them. No fan who booed has a problem with black football players playing for England or would object to black football managers in the Premier League. For Southgate to suggest otherwise is an insult.

The Football Establishment has always treated its fans as a dispensable force, and this political stand is just the latest saga. But without the fans there is no game. I can only hope the chorus of booing gets louder until the players stop taking the knee. But we can expect the taking of the knee to continue ad infinitum, so far deep has the football establishment capitulated to the woke religion. There is no turning back. Any time they seek to call time on their gesture politics, their progressive overlords will berate and lambast them. The people they have sold out too are an unforgiving bunch. But if they do not call time on it, then it is curtains for the ‘Beautiful Game’. They must decide between the fans or the racist ‘anti-racists’. I do not want football to die. Football, as does sport, is not a simple distraction from the mundanity of ordinary life but rather transcends us to new places. But perhaps it is a necessary casualty for us to win the war on woke.

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