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Never attempt to win by force that what can be won by deception.

Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter VII

It is amazing that so many illegal migrants, who are almost exclusively POC (People of Colour) or BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) are prepared to travel thousands of miles across European land, bypassing a plethora of safe countries, and risk their lives in dangerous waters to reach a country that is so often portrayed as violently racist. Record numbers of illegal migrants have entered Britain this year, much higher than the forecast figures. You have probably seen Brexit Party Leader, Nigel Farage travelling around hotels in the U.K, giving an insight into where illegal migrants are taken after they land on British shores. It seems as part of the Government Covid Bailout Package they have taken the Luxury Hotel industry into public ownership, as it has transpired that entire hotels (usually Premium Brands) have been booked out in their entirety by the Government to accommodate the plenitude of migrants.

Whilst Remainiacs often focus on the supposed £350 Million NHS Bus Lie (which has transpired to be understated, following the February Budget an additional 40 billion was committed to NHS spending, meaning the weekly increase in NHS spending is nearer £750 million). They are, however, more reticent in confronting the more obvious lie at the heart of the Brexit Campaign, ‘Take Back Control’, which was so often applied to the borders in relation to immigration. The Tories are often given a free pass on immigration, for reasons I will explain later. In 2010 David Cameron promised to bring net migration down to ‘The tens of thousands’, only for net migration record highs to follow under the Cameron tenure. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned those thinking of crossing the channel last August during an interview on Sky News, Johnson said “We will send you back, if you come to the UK illegally, as an illegal migrant, then the law will treat you as such”. Fast forward five months to January when the BBC reported that of the 1890 recorded illegal migrants who entered Britain by small boats, a paltry 125 were returned to European Countries. Mr Johnson`s words, like Cameron before him, were nothing short of an ostentatious attempt to score points with voters, often Working Class former Labour Voters, who prioritise immigration.

There can be no defence of the Prime Minister when he makes such claims for sending illegal migrants back to Europe, as he must surely know that under EU Law and the Dublin Agreement there is nothing he can do once migrants land on the shores of Blighty. The Dublin Agreement is so often misquoted as saying, Asylum Seekers must seek refuge in the first safe country. However, the Dublin Agreement says no such thing. The only return mechanism comes from law two, article three, pursuant to the Dublin Agreement which states:

“Where no Member State responsible can be designated on the basis of the criteria listed in this regulation, the first Member State in which the application for international protection was lodged shall be responsible for examining it”


What this means in theory is that if a migrant from Syria, for example, has travelled to France and then on to Britain, without any formal registration in any EU country, Britain is mandated to process the application for asylum. The only way in which we can return migrants to Europe would be if said migrant has had their fingerprint taken in another EU country, of which is the customary tracking system when state forces encounter migrants, however, this represents a small fraction of the migrants.

What is more frustrating is the actions of the French Government. The French Navy offers a taxi service for the illegal migrants escorting the boats to the water border, only for the British Border Force to continue to chaperone service to British Land. A slap in the face considering the whopping fifty million a year paid to the French Government as part of the La Touquet Agreement, a two-way agreement allowing the governments of the countries to carry out border checks, as well as implementing `detection technology` to stop illegal migrants entering from France. The two-way system is a misnomer, as no illegal migrants seek to enter France from the UK. As Britain is the end destination in Europe. What Boris Johnson could do as part of the La Touquet Agreement is send the British Border Force into France and prevent the boats from leaving French shores. Otherwise, the La Touquet Agreement is just a waste of British Tax-Payer Money.

The Immigration failure is just one example of the many ways in which Prime Minister Johnson has, either deliberately or not, lied to the British People. In the Tory Leadership Debates back in the summer of last year, candidate Rory Stewart challenged the now Prime Minister after his claims that he would leave the EU by October 31st. Stewart, explained that with a minority government and lack of support from the DUP, it would be near impossible.
We all know what happened next. The Prime Minister then claimed in the December General Election that his Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was ‘Oven Ready’. Fast forward nine months and a deal is still not agreed, perhaps the Prime Minister forgot to turn the oven on.

It is not just on immigration and Brexit where the Tories have been found wanting on promises, and their reputation on what they are supposed to represent (patriotism and law and order) does not stand up to scrutiny. It is also not just Boris Johnson who is guilty. Let us look at the great Patriot Margaret Thatcher, who sold British industries off to foreign companies, and who preferred to import cheap goods from low labour foreign countries than to buy British. I struggle to understand any patriot would want to make millions of British people unemployed for a transient spike in GDP. The long-term effect of the Thatcher era can be seen now. Britain`s service dominated economy cannot cope with the Covid lockdown, and Britain has thus seen the sharpest fall in GDP of any EU Nation.
The idea that the Tories prioritise Law and Order also does not stand up to scrutiny. We saw just recently the Police stood back and allowed Black Lives Matter protestors to tear down and deface statues. The Cameron Government cut police and crime preventing services in a decade of brutal austerity. London is out of control and has a knife crime pandemic. The police seem more interested in policing non-criminal hate speech on Twitter than investigating burglaries and anti-social behaviour.
Worst of all stats on security, according to the European Union Terrorism Situation Report, 2019, Britain suffered more attacks (Sixty-Four), than the rest of the EU combined (one-hundred and nineteen).

The last Tory Leader who did not attempt to portray themselves as a patriot, Theresa May, who also ended stop and search as Home Secretary in a desire to present the Tories as ‘compassionate’, was an electoral car-crash. It is this reason why the Tories speak from the patriotic and tough on crime handbook, however, have little to show for it.

It is pertinent to examine why the Tories can get away with the above and are still polling in the mid-forties. It is of course the Tory PR Machine, also known as the Labour Party, that facilitate such success despite an ever-expanding list of failures. Defenders of the Government often tell me that it would be much worse if the Labour Party was in power. Of which I have no doubt is true. However bad the Tories are at reducing immigration, increasing the security of its citizens, or empowering the police to clamp down on and prevent crime, it is axiomatic that Labour would do a far worse job for those who prioritise low immigration and law and order.
London`s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan is often accused of undermining the Police. As are many Labour MPs, typified by Dawn Butler`s , or reltuB nwaD , high profile encounter with Police. In which a vehicle reg mistake was weaponised as racial profiling. Many in the Labour Party support the Black Lives Matter UK Campaign, of which a policy suggestion is to defund the police. In the wake of Priti Patel claiming she will step up her efforts to reduce illegal migration, many of the Labour Top Brass were critical. A Labour led Britain at the moment, which would only embolden the anti-western, anti-police, white privilege narrative, is unthinkable.

It is this reason, why despite having a grievance list with the Tories longer than my arm, I would reluctantly vote for them if there was a general election tomorrow. I am seemingly not alone in this. A deeper analysis into a recent poll uncovers a similar trend. Survation research (August 3) showed that despite a 3% increase in the Conservative Poll Ratings, Boris Johnson`s Personal Approval Rating was down 3%, as was the Governments Approval Rating.

The Government must be applauded and commended for its shift in economic orthodoxy, as I have done on these pages since the Winter Budget announcement. It is strange that a former Labour Voter such as myself, my critique of the Tories is not economic. Again, I am not alone. Anecdotal evidence from an article in the Mail on Sunday reported that many first time Tory voters are becoming fed up with the Tories. However, of all the reasons stated in the article, none were economic. Too many broken promises are being made of which I will not accept simply blaming or pointing to Labour as an excuse. The book should always stop with the government. The public deserves better.

Political campaigns are now run on slogans, “Take Back Control”, “Get Brexit Done”. At current trajectory, the only slogan the Tories will be also to campaign on in 2024 will be, “Not as bad as Labour”.

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