The Guardian’s attempt to defend Labour Antisemitism crashes and burns │ Amin Haque

Labour’s various struggles continue unabated, with the BBC highlighting their antisemitism scandal and subsequent investigation by the Human Rights Commission in their Panorama investigation on Wednesday. Their response has been lacklustre at best and ferociously inept at worst, with news that lawyers have been sent to ex-employees of the party, threatening them with action if they break their NDAs. These lawyers, from Carter Ruck, also represented the Church of Scientology;  clearly the actions of an innocent party.


The Guardian published a letter allegedly from prominent members of the Jewish community, defending Chris Williamson in the midst of his suspension from the party. But some of the names looked rather suspicious, and Twitter users GnasherJew and Marlon Solomon uncovered a number of glaring issues, ultimately resulting in the letter being taken down ‘pending an investigation’.

For starters Michael Morgan, whose name disappeared from the signatories overnight, is an antisemite. And quite a virulent one, with posts ranging from Rothschild conspiracies to genocidal urges. Elleanne Green, also a signatory, administered the Facebook group Palestine Live, infamous for its countless antisemitic and conspiratorial posts.

Bizarrely, the anti-racism advocacy group Hope Not Hate went on to complain to the Guardian after an unidentified signatory claimed to represent the organisation.

The co-founder of The Canary, renowned for its controversial alt-left journalism, also signed the letter. Here are a few posts from their employees, including one claiming that Jews must be held responsible for a ‘growing Zionist cancer’.

A letter claiming to be signed by the Jewish community should generally be signed by members of the Jewish community. Jonahid Miah upon closer inspection, does not appear to be Jewish, with various Facebook posts suggesting he is in fact Muslim.

Sally Eason, who is behind the troll account Lab Left Voice, was suspended from the party. Incredibly notorious, even Momentum had to warn members to stay away from her accounts after she falsely accused Rachel Riley of sharing an islamophobic meme. Rachel Riley herself is a prominent Jewish celebrity, and an outspoken critic of antisemitism.


Another signatory is Richard Falk, a 9/11 truther in addition to being an antisemite. Journalist Yair Rosenberg wrote about this individual nearly 6 years ago, reporting on his blog about the “apparent cover up” of 9/11, and the “eerie silence of the mainstream media, unwilling to acknowledge the well-evidenced doubts about the official version of the events.”

The letter has received widespread condemnation from various individuals and from the Jewish community, with the Bored of Deputies of British Jews criticising it as inaccurate and misleading. As of writing this a number of members of the House of Lords have resigned, citing Labour’s failure to tackle antisemitism as the primary reason, including Lord Triesman, Lord Darzi, and Lord Turnberg. The Guardian has since taken down the letter, but one has to wonder the level of integrity that was lost in the process, after failing to conduct the bare minimum of fact-checking.


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