The Mallard’s 100 on the Right List | Sarah Stook


To round off 2018, the Mallard’s Culture Editor Ms. Sarah Stook has compiled a list of the 100 most influential people on the right in the UK. Influential is defined as having an impact on culture, media and society through various means. It also means people who have helped shape policy and governmental legislation, specifically on the right. Only those who have proclaimed themselves to be on the right are on this list, so people such as Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson are not included as they are technically impartial. The list includes politicians, journalists, thinkers and even a comedian. It is by no means the perfect or exhaustive list and you may not have heard of everyone on it, but that’s the point- to teach.

Without further ado, here is The Mallard’s 100 on the Right List:

  1. Theresa May- Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

It’s been a very tough year for Theresa May. With constant calls to resign, blunders abound and not the best press attention, May has seen a bit of a stumble in her popularity from the ‘strong and stable days.’ Still, she survived a no confidence vote as well as several big cabinet resignations. She remains the most powerful politician in the UK, whether or not many have confidence in her. May continues as the face of the Conservative Party, setting the policy and personality of the government.

  1. Graham Brady- MP and Chair of the 1922 Committee

Chair of the powerful backbench committee, Brady hasn’t had a day off in a while. Known as the man with the letters, the most common gif used in relation to him on Twitter is the flying envelope scene from the first Harry Potter film. Rumours filtered in for months, nobody knowing for sure if the fated 48 letters had been sent to Mr. Brady. He had the momentous task of remaining mum on the subject whilst keeping all the backbenchers together and working for his constituents. If anyone deserves a week in the Maldives, it’s Brady.

  1. Robbie Gibb- Communications Director at Number 10

A member of a Bee Gees tribute band in his spare time, Gibb was plucked from his role as a journalist and TV presenter. The Malcolm Tucker for Theresa May, he has no easy task in spinning everything that comes from the Prime Minister and Number 10. Considering the numerous blunders as well as the controversial Chequers deal, Gibb has had to work hard to do his job. Media is essential in today’s world, giving him a massive power. He’s also the main source of news for parties, considering May prefers to go to the EU first.

  1. Gavin Barwell- Downing Street Chief of Staff

Former MP and career politician, the apparently very lovely Barwell was brought in as May’s chief of staff after Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill left after the disastrous 2017 General Election. The gatekeeper to Theresa May, he’s the one people must get through to get to the Prime Minister. He’s prominently seen at her side during important events and negotiations. Like Gibb, he attempted to push Chequers and also is apparently quite the power behind the throne.

  1. Jacob Rees-Mogg- MP and Chair of the European Research Group

A hero amongst Tory grassroots and popular with the party at large, Rees-Mogg has found himself as one of the chief architects of Theresa May’s failed downfall. The chair of the all-powerful ERG, he is the leader of a large group of mainly disgruntled Eurosceptics in the party. A prominent feature in the media, he is most likely to be name dropped and has become a somewhat strange face of the party. Popular in polls naming their next leader, he’s definitely one to keep a hawk’s eye on.

  1. Boris Johnson- MP and former Foreign Secretary

His resignation as Foreign Secretary in early 2018 as a protest against the failed Chequers deal created headlines, as well as his numerous gaffes (such as burka gate). Another one loved by the grassroots but not by MPs, he usually tops the list when people are asked who they want is Tory leader. He’s almost constantly in the news, increasing his media presence. Behind the act of silliness is a very intelligent, ambitious man. He knows that.

  1. Arlene Foster- DUP Leader and Member of the Northern Irish Assembly

The woman who has both saved May and ruined her, some Tories secretly wish she was in charge. Staunchly conservative and staunchly Eurosceptic, the progress of Brexit has hinged greatly on her say. Not afraid to say what she thinks, she has proved an interesting figure. The highest ranking non Tory conservative, she represents social conservatism in a way few Tories do. Considering she’s the one propping up the government, it’s easy to say she’s a woman with a LOT of influence.

  1. David Davis- MP and Former Brexit Secretary

A respected member of the party and former SAS, Davis’ resignation in July over the Chequers deal provided a tipping point for the government. Before his resignation, he was one of the key persons involved in the EU negotiations, already giving him a wide scope of power (unless you believe Olly Robbins was ahead in that respect). Since his resignation he’s worked hard, criticising the government’s handling of Brexit at every turn and putting forward his own ideas.

  1. Sajid Javid- MP and Home Secretary

Named Home Secretary after Amber Rudd’s fall from grace, he’s quickly become a frequent subject of press and social media attention. He’s generated plenty of positive headlines, though it can be argued that it’s a case of style over substance. Still, he’s got better reviews than the two before him. Often ranked on a list of future Tory leaders, he’s liked by liberal Tories but distrusted due to his backtracking on Brexit. Apparently making a power play for the top job, he’s one to watch.

  1. Philip Hammond- MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer

You would think the Number 2 of the government would be higher up, but Hammond has been pushed lower down by figures more powerful than he. Regardless, he’s still in charge of the country’s finances so that makes him pretty important. He’s as charismatic as a damp rag, but shows that he is reliable and steadfast. Hammond has stayed high up in the party, is immune from firing and is safe from Theresa May’s little circle.

  1. David Lidington- MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

Essentially May’s right hand man and deputy, Lidington has consistently portrayed himself as her strongest and most loyal ally. In Parliament he’s part of many committees, whilst he has May’s back in Number 10. He may not be as visible as he was in his time as Leader of the House of Commons, but he still has a lot of influence behind the scenes. Lidington’s the oil that keeps the machine going.


  1. Jeremy Hunt- MP and Foreign Secretary

The marmite former Health Sec has enjoyed a good year in politics, particularly having gone up in the expectations of members. Surprisingly made Foreign Secretary after Boris Johnson’s resignation, he’s actually been pretty solid in the role through the right comments and his multilingual skills. Before he got the new job, he managed to become the longest serving health secretary in British political history. Pretty impressive for a job that’s a poisoned chalice. Reportedly interested in the top job to no one’s surprise.

  1. Ruth Davidson- MSP and Leader of the Scottish Conservatives

It’s been all quiet on the northern front for Davidson. A quieter year after her heroics in 2017, Davidson is still a high flier in political terms. The talk of her becoming leader has somewhat quietened after she stated she had no interest in moving down to Westminster. Still as outspoken and articulate as usual, she’s spent most of her time in the Scottish Parliament, providing an alternative to the SNP. It wasn’t all silent though, as Davidson became a mother to a lovely baby son.

  1. Brandon Lewis- MP and Chair of the Conservative Party

The man tasked with keeping both MPs and grassroots in line, Lewis has had a tough year. He’s very much part of the social media revolution, though CCHQ isn’t really that great at it. Lewis attends the early morning meetings with the PM every day, making him part of the inner circle- which means he has her ear. As chair, he’s in charge of making a lot of changes and whether they’re good or bad, it gives him a lot of prominence.

  1. Nigel Dodds- MP, Deputy Leader of the DUP and Leader of the DUP in the Commons

Come on Arlene’s representative in the Commons, he’s commonly pushed in front of the cameras to give the DUP’s views on whatever is going on in Westminster. Another staunch Brexiter, he’s also very important in the Irish border case- like most, he really doesn’t want a hard border. An ardent opponent of the backstop, he’s never one to keep quiet about the Brexit deal. Another non-Tory conservative, he represents the bridge between Belfast and London.

  1. Dominic Raab- MP and Former Foreign Secretary

A lot of people were surprised when May appointed Raab, a Davis supporter, as Brexit secretary after the former resigned over Checkers. Though he was in the job for a grand total of four months, he still made some headlines as he took over the negotiations. Raab’s resignation after the draft deal revealed that he held no real power in Brussels, this instead going to Olly Robbins. His resignation, however, was somewhat of a dent in May’s armour as it showed how her own Brexit secretary had no confidence in her. Was it the start of May’s near downfall?

  1. Michael Gove- MP and DEFRA Secretary

One of the key Brexiters, Gove has shown himself surprisingly competent cabinet member who is very good with his brief. He’s not been as vocal on Brexit, apart from to openly support May’s deals. Gove has definitely not been as influential as he has been in recent years, but is still a standard bearer for many in the party. Brexiters are beginning to wane though, believing that he is betraying the cause. The likeliness of him ever becoming leader is slim, but many still rate him in the polls.

  1. Penny Mordaunt- MP and International Development Secretary

Another one of the key Brexiters, Mordaunt has remained steady in the position she has had for just over a year. Her job tends to be less noticed than others, but she’s proven herself adept at PR, policy and social media. She’s generally liked amongst grassroots and is another one believed to be thought of as a future leader. Falling in line with May has caused some upset, but the news that she pushed for a free vote protected her, unlike Gove and Fox.

  1. Esther McVey- MP and former Work and Pensions Secretary

The media savvy former TV presenter was made Work and Pensions Secretary in the January reshuffle. She was the face of the new Universal Credits rollout, controversial as many claimed there were issues and that it would make many worse off. A Cabinet Brexiter, she showed dissent towards the Chequers deal before resigning after the draft Brexit deal. She’s stayed popular amongst Brexiters for not taking the government line, but gets a lot of hate and vitriol from the left. Expect more from McVey.

  1. Liz Truss- MP and Chief Secretary for the Treasury

Team leader of the ‘Uber -riding, Airbnb-ing, Deliveroo-eating freedom fighters,’ Truss is popular amongst economic liberals and young Tories. She is supportive of individual liberty, low taxes and less government interference, against what many Tory politicians are touting. One of the few MPs who is actually good at social media, Truss represents a new breed of representatives. She’s a popular choice for Chancellor.

  1. Julian Smith- MP and Chief Whip

The poor, unfortunate bloke charged with keeping everyone in the voting line. As Chief Whip, he’s the one who has to ring around to make sure no bad backbencher votes against the government. In theory, he should be higher up, but considering the numerous government rebellions, it’s clear most don’t care anymore. He’s a May loyalist who supported her initial election as leader, which has clearly paid dividends. Unfortunately, Smith probably won’t see much of a rise unless there are some extraordinary circumstances.

  1. Paul Dacre- Former Editor of the Daily Mail

Dacre’s resignation in June 2018 caused a mixture of panic and joy. The man who had been part of the Mail for years has been a huge part of journalism for years- he was seen as a major threat to Cameron in the lead up to the EU referendum. Fast forward two years, Dacre remained an important part of the establishment due to the Daily Mail being an influential right wing paper. Many begged to have him back after deeming the new editor, Geordie Greig to be too soft. He’s still a powerful man.

  1. Matt Hancock- MP and Health Secretary

Another part of the new generation, he was given the poison chalice job after Hunt headed to the Foreign Office. Like Truss, he’s capable of using social media and thus far seems to be doing alright. His advocacy of private healthcare system Babylon raised some questions, but Hancock has managed to brush it off. He’s good at making papers, but considering how hard the Health job is, it’s style over substance. Still one to watch.

  1. Gavin Williamson- MP and Defence Secretary

Another May loyalist, everyone was surprised when Williamson was given Defence over the more experienced Tobias Ellwood or Penny Mordaunt. Previously a Chief Whip, Williamson was famous for having a tarantula in his office, maybe trying to be intimidating. He’s a steadfast shipmate on the HMS May, a member of the inner circle who is able to set the tone. The Russia poisonings gave him some limelight, especially when he told Russia to ‘shut up’ and ‘go away.’

  1. Steve Baker- MP and Deputy Chair of the ERG

Mogg’s Number 2, Baker is one of the most influential Eurosceptics in Parliament. His strong advocacy of Brexit had made her a thorn in May’s side, especially as part of the ERG. He resigned immediately after David Davis in July, having been his Under-Secretary in the DExEU, something that created more issues for the government. A de factor leader of the Tory Eurosceptic faction, he’s one of the biggest speakers on the back bench. He’ll probably never be in Cabinet though.

  1. Amber Rudd- MP and Work and Pensions Secretary

Another May loyalist, Rudd spent the first half of the year as Home Secretary, something she’d held since May’s first day in office. A high ranking politician, Rudd battered off issues over immigration and crime, able to remain in the Home Office. That luck changed when Rudd misled the Home Office Select Committee on deportation target after the Windrush Scandal. Rudd later managed a phoenix like resurrection when she returned to Cabinet in November. Hardly a shocker, considering she’s a May Remainer. It’s early days for her, but she’s still relatively on top.

  1. Anna Soubry- MP

An ardent Europhile and cause célèbre for the anti-Brexit brigade, Soubry had become popular in those circles. Never one to sit down, she’s an outspoken MP who represents the more centrist area of the party. Her strong support for the EU has made her popular on social media, as well as the airwaves. She’s as unlikely as Baker to get into the Cabinet, but she will continue to be a strong representative from the backbench.

  1. Andy Street- Mayor of the West Midlands

Street caused a surprise when he managed to be elected Mayor of the West Midlands, considered to be a Labour hot seat. Since then he’s done well as mayor, managing to push his region- one traditionally ignored because it’s above the Watford Gap. Openly gay, he’s a great example of conservatism and LGBT mixing well. He’s another one to watch, another moderniser. We can only hope he can further promote conservativism in the area (every Birmingham MP is Labour).

  1. Geoffrey Cox- MP and Attorney General

A man little known before his epic speech at the Conservative Party Conference, Cox has been compared to Mufasa and Brian Blessed for his beautiful, booming voice. His vocals aside, Cox found himself shot into the limelight. His legal advice on Brexit became important in taking steam away from May’s deal, as it showed flaws in the plan. He will be of continuing importance as the Brexit deadline looms.

  1. James Cleverly- MP and Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party

Another MP who is able to do social media and interviews, Cleverly’s claim to fame is his whip smart Twitter account. He’s been involved in several debates and talks on TV, most notably one against Rees-Mogg, Caroline Lucas and Barry Gardiner. An ardent Brexiter, he took many by surprised by supporting May’s deal. Fairly liked by the grassroots, he’s another one who quite a few would like to see as leader. He has said that he’s interested in the top job.

  1. Kate Andrews- Associate Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs

The media face of the IEA, Kate Andrews has spent a lot of time on the airwaves. She’s risen above the abuse she gets to make the case for free markets, free people and anti-victimhood complexes. The IEA has become a very influential think tank for the right, hosting events with big names such as Senator Rand Paul. Her media profile in on a meteoric rise.

  1. Nigel Farage- Radio Presenter and Former UKIP Leader

Farage hasn’t been as active on the political front this year, preferring to sit behind a desk in LBC. He’s still pretty important though, being made Vice Chair of the Leave Means Leave group. His resignation from UKIP over the acceptance of Tommy Robinson caused a rift that may have finally pushed the party into fringe group status. There seems to be less of a bromance between him and Trump now. Still, he is Nigel Farage.

  1. Fraser Nelson- Editor of the Spectator

The Spectator is still the magazine of choice for many of the right and Fraser Nelson has remained happily as editor since 2009. As editor of an important magazine, Nelson has his finger on the metaphorical red button, especially over the Conservative Party it generally supports. He’s more liberal on immigration and is centre right.

  1. Baroness Evans- Peer and Leader of the House of Lords

May’s anointed leader in the House of Lords, she’s the one in charge of pushing the administration’s agenda in the upper house. She’s been wheeled out to the media recently as a May ally, a staunch defender of her deal. Her title is itself an indicator of influence- the Lords can make or break Brexit legislation.

  1. Johnny Mercer- MP

Not afraid to say exactly what he thinks, especially on Theresa May and the government, Mercer is a force on the backbenches. He’s beginning to rise up in social and traditional media, especially on the issue of veterans (Mercer himself has served). Whilst not the biggest thorn in May’s side, he is still one nonetheless. He’s one to keep an eye on.


  1. Julia Hartley-Brewer- Journalist and broadcaster

Never one to back down from an argument, whether it’s against Little Mix or a seasoned politician, Hartley-Brewer is a regular in all forms of media. Her Twitter account is forever full of sass, comebacks and interesting points.  She’s the rare republican in British conservatism, making her point especially stand up against others. In early 2018, she was moved to the early morning slot on her radio station.

  1. Chris Grayling- MP and Transport Secretary

How is he still here? That’s the question on everyone’s lips; he’s so high on the list because he’s actually managed to stay. He’s fought against the calls for his resignation, mainly due to the issue of trains and how goddamn terrible they are. Grayling’s a Brexiter, but not in the stalwart league of Rees-Mogg or Priti Patel. Like Gove and Mordaunt, he’s quietly stepped in line to promote May’s deal. Fingers crossed he’ll do a wee bit better next year.


  1. Shaun Bailey- Mayoral Candidate for London

The guy chosen to take on Sadiq Khan in London 2020, Bailey has been a member of the London Assembly since 2016. A man who knows London well, he has been a youth worker and an advisor on youth and crime to the Prime Minister. Many praise his honesty on the troubles facing young Londoners, but he has caused controversy with a few of his comments. Still, he’s a good contender in a very Labour city. Can he do what Boris did? We hope so.

  1. Iain Dale- Broadcaster and journalist

Known to be the superior list maker, Dale has made his mark on the right. His LBC show is well respected, with good viewing figures, and he often contributes to Conservative Home. A former Tory candidate, Dale has a great social media presence- his Twitter a mix of kindness, fun and bite. As a non politician he’s a safe bet for staying on the scene. Also does a lot to talk about mental health, which we can definitely support.

  1. Paul Goodman- Conservative Home Editor and Former MP

MP for Wycombe until 2010 (Steve Baker is his successor), Goodman now edits ConHome. Considering how important ConHome is, it’s no wonder he’s in the top forty. The website is very influential due to its regular polls and contributions from grassroots, who are the ones who knock on doors and ring voters. He’s the one to listen to.

  1. James Brokenshire- MP and Communities Secretary

He’s got the aura of a mild mannered bank clerk, but he’s a Cabinet man. Brokenshire didn’t get a chance to show off as NI Secretary this year due to resigning very early on due to illness, but returned to replace Sajid Javid after he was promoted to the Home Office. He’s mainly been focusing on housing and safety, but not enough for the nay sayers. It’s looking like Brokenshire will stay stable. Also let’s also hope he remains in fair health after his lung surgery.

  1. David Gauke- MP, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor

Gauke got the new post in January. He’s not a huge Europhile like Soubry, but he’s made it clear that he’s not in favour of a no-deal, crossing swords with Penny Mordaunt over the issue. Gauke hasn’t pleased many who are more conservative on criminal issues, with his comments on lower policies and prisoners getting mobile phones in office. Time will tell if he pleases more people.

  1. Sarah Wollaston- MP

Another die hard Europhile, she’s an ardent supporter of a second referendum in the same way as Soubry and Clarke. She’s a bit of a John McCain in that she often ignores the party and many brush her off as a Lib Dem. Wollaston is probably least likely to get into Cabinet, but she’s pretty happy being her outspoken self on the backbenches.

  1. Tim Montgomerie- Journalist and blogger

The co-founder of ConHome, Montgomerie no longer edits it, but still contributes. His main job is now with The Times, but he remains a very important figure in the political hemisphere. He’s an old friend of Sajid Javid, so we could see him go up in the league if the rumours of a leadership bid are true. Montgomerie quit his Tory membership in 2016 in protest of the Tory leadership’s views on EU, so he’s another non-Conservative voice on this list.

  1. Brendan O’Neill- Journalist

Always opinionated and always controversial, O’Neill is a prolific journalist. He edits Spiked Online, all whilst contributing to other outlets such as The Spectator. His views are often a little more to the right and shows fresh views on a lot of things. Unlike nearly everyone on the list, he doesn’t tweet, so he translates in more traditional ways.

  1. Arron Banks- Political donor and businessman

It’s been a year for Banks, with accusations of financial wrong-doing and links with Russians. He’s a firebrand on Twitter, never reluctant to do a take down if he feels someone deserves it. Banks still owns his pet project, the popular Westmonster and is part of He sits as a political independent, but there’s talk of him creating his own party.

  1. Iain Duncan Smith- MP

Former Party Leader, IDS hasn’t been on the scene properly since the Brexit referendum. He remains a vocal Eurosceptic, using his voice to push for a better Brexit deal. Duncan Smith has consistently called out EU leaders like Barnier, as well as Irish leaders regarding the backstop agreement. Expect to see more of him in 2019 when Brexit (hopefully) finally happens.

  1. Andrew Bridgen- MP

A hardcore Eurosceptic, Bridgen has been one of the biggest voices against Theresa May, as he had been against David Cameron. He sent a no confidence letter in May and also co-signed a February letter urging her to follow her Lancaster House speech. Don’t expect much of him from social media, he mainly just retweets.

  1. David Cameron- Former PM

Ol’ DC still gets slack for calling the referendum and for jumping ship, but it looks like he doesn’t mind. He’s hanging around on the speech circuit, trying his hardest to actually finish writing his memoirs. Rumours make out he wants to make a political comeback to become Foreign Secretary. He’s also advising May. Maybe he needs some permanence.

  1. Nicky Morgan- MP

A simultaneous supporter and critic of the Prime Minister, Morgan is another one of the People’s Vote Europhile crew. She’s liked a little more by Brexiteers, but is still rather vocal. On non-Brexit matters, she’s Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, which is a pretty sweet gig. She’ll remain important in the coming year.

  1. Toby Young- Journalist

Ooh, it’s been one tough year for Young. Early in 2018, he was given a job in an important education position but lasted five days. Controversial tweets killed his chances (same with Chrissy Teigen and others), most notably ones reported to be rather sexist, pro-eugenics and horrible about working class students. Since then he’s happily stayed in the comfort of journalism. He’s probably not getting any new positions anytime soon.

  1. Nick Boles- MP

Norway’s biggest fan (apart from a friend of mine), he’s another one who isn’t a big fan of Brexit. Boles has consistently pushed for a Norway deal, all whilst fearing a no deal- he’s even suggested leaving the Tory party if that happens. He’s not on the airwaves a lot, but he thrives in writing articles to push his idea.

  1. John Longworth- Leave Means Leave Co- Founder and Businessman

Forced out of his job as Director-General of the British Chamber of Commerce by Number 10 for daring to speak out against Brexit, Longworth has found his happiness advocating for a strong leave. He’s doing the speaking lap around the country, discussing the issue. His lobbying will definitely continue after Brexit.

  1. Richard Tice- Leave Means Leave Co-Founder and Businessman

Longworth’s buddy in the Leave Means Leave, he’s a bit more on the political spectrum. A Tory who’s not Sadiq Khan’s biggest fan, Tice was reportedly interested in becoming London mayor. Like Longworth, he’s enjoying lobbying and speaking at the moment. He’s going to be hunkering down for a no deal.

  1. Ian Paisley Jr- MP

Son of the DUP Founder, Paisley’s had a relatively big year. The DUP has been instrumental in the Brexit negotiations and government, so Paisley has found himself rising up in the backbenches. He got suspended from parliament and his party over a trip to Sri Lanka, but avoided forcing a by-election that could oust him. After Dodds, he’s the DUP’s most important MP.

  1. Matthew Elliot- Chief Executive of Vote Leave and Founder of Taxpayers’ Alliance

Still an important part of the Eurosceptic campaign, Elliot has remained in the public eye. The TPA remains an influential group who is building up grassroots, thanks to his founding. It’s not been too rosy for him unfortunately, as Elliot is under investigation for breaking campaign law such as exceeding spending limits. Elliot’s denied it, but it’s not going to go away.

  1. Chloe Westley- Campaign Manager of the Tax Payer’s Alliance

The Australian who has taken part in some very cringey campaign videos (sorry Chloe), she’s the new face of low taxes and limited government. Despite the barrage of hate she gets, like Kate Andrews, she’s definitely up for a challenge. Westley is a savvy social media presence and does well on TV, so there’s a good chance she’ll move up next year.

  1. Matthew Parris- Journalist and former MP

People reading this will say Parris is basically a Lib Dem now, but he’s still classed as on the right so that’s that. He’s been a consistent voice for the Remain campaign. A respected journalist, Parris continues to provide controversy and comment through his words. Parris surprisingly doesn’t tweet, but he’s on TV.

  1. Mark Francois- MP and Deputy Chairman of the ERG

Another Brexit ally, he’s a key part of the ERG. His three page no confidence letter in May was one of the more interesting ones, ripping apart the PM and her deal. He’s not the most well known MP, but his profile has definitely been raised. Francois has held some positions in government, but it’s likely he won’t return to cabinet until May is gone.

  1. Katie Hopkins- Journalist and media personality

Many will be surprised that Hopkins is on this list, but many on parts of the right are still big fans. Early in the year she joined Rebel Media, an alt-right Canadian political site. She shares a lot of videos supporting Trump and criticising open borders and multiculturalism, which gets a lot of support and hate. Hopkins also was declared bankrupt this year, so it was swings and roundabouts for her in 2018. Let’s see where 2019 takes her.

  1. David Mundell- MP and Secretary for Scotland

The man from above the border, Mundell is the go between for Westminster and Holyrood. An avid supporter of May’s Brexit deal, he’s been sent around Scotland to promote it. Otherwise he’s a quiet man, considering devolution has taken away much of his responsibilities. His son Oliver is a rising star in the Scottish Parliament, but Mundell Sr is still schooling him.

  1. Tracey Crouch- MP

Supremely qualified, Crouch sadly resigned as Minister for Sport over the maximum odds on fixed betting- a policy the government did a u-turn on only a few days later. She was pretty excellent in the job as a qualified referee and former coach and many think she deserved a promotion. Quiet on the Brexit vote, she decided to never reveal how she voted. Refreshing stuff, let’s hope Crouch returns to a ministerial position soon.

  1. Liam Fox- MP and International Trade Secretary

Fox is a nice bloke when you meet him, but by God he’s not made much of 2018. A staunch Brexiteer who has stayed on the May side of the line, he’s found himself a slight disappointment to him. He seems to be doing a steady job in trade though, doing exactly what his job is. Fox has always managed to stay in the job since the start of May’s administration, which is an especially big feat in these times.


  1. John Redwood- MP

Arise Sir John Redwood! Redwood got a knighthood this year, so that’s pretty cool. Besides that, the long time Eurosceptic has been busy criticising May’s deal and pushing for a better Brexit. He’s not necessarily associated with the ERG, but he’s been criticising the EU since before many had set foot in parliament. Don’t expect him to shut up in 2019- I wouldn’t if I had a title.

  1. Tobias Ellwood- MP and Defence Minister

A veteran, Ellwood is best remembered for his sadly failed attempt to save PC Keith Palmer after the horrid Westminster attacks. Focused very much on the care of veterans and servicemen, he really should have been made Defence Sec. Let’s hope in 2019 he finally gets that chance.

  1. Roger Scruton- Writer and Philosopher

The love of Editor Jake Scott’s life, Scruton is a known follower of traditional conservativism. Recently made a housing tsar in the government, he was immediately raked over coals for many comments that people did not like, specifically on homosexuality. Scruton is still highly regarded, however, and his quotes are often thrown about conservative Twitter.


  1. Lord Ashcroft- Businessman and Politician

A Tory grandee, Ashcroft remains an elder statesman in the party despite not being in the Lords anymore. His polling, which covers a variety of topics, is still very influential and often mentioned in the news along with the likes of YouGov and Survation. He’s a prolific writer and financier of the Conservative Party.

  1. Daniel Hannan- MEP

A lot of people are still bitter than Hannan didn’t get a safe seat in 2017. Articulate in his writing, Hannan dreams of a global Britain after we’re free of the EU. He spends a lot of time in American conservative circles at places like CPAC, we’re he seems to be doing well. Maybe 2019 will allow him a place at Westminster, but he seems to have been blacklisted. A shame.

  1. Karen Bradley- MP and NI Secretary

Admitting she didn’t know much about her brief or about sectarian voting wasn’t the brightest move Bradley could have done. The DUP reportedly aren’t fans and wish to get her out. She’s also annoyed people by not defending British veterans in the witch hunt. So all in all not the best year for Bradley, but she’s still there.

  1. Isabel Hardman- Assistant Editor of The Spectator

Author of the new hit ‘Why We Get the Wrong Politicians,’ Hardman is a high flyer in the political world and features on such programmes as ‘Newsnight.’ Her struggles with mental health are well documented, with Hardman brilliantly tackling the stigma around the subject. Let’s hope that she continues this wonderful work.


  1. Sir Bill Cash- MP

An original Maastricht treaty rebel, Cash probably joins Redwood as the joint most Eurosceptic MP in parliament. An ardent May critic, Cash spends most of his time arguing from the backbenches. Cash is Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee, a job he has held since 2010, his job to assess EU legal documents. Bet he loves that.

  1. Zac Goldsmith- MP

Saved by forty-five votes in the 2017 GE, Goldsmith has proven himself somewhat of an environmentalist. From plastics and runways to illegal wildlife trading and trophy hunting, he’s got it covered. He’s also admirably fighting for human rights, specifically for persecuted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi and against FGM. Though he’s not on the main circuit, he’s doing some great work.

  1. Tom Harwood- Blogger and Journalist

New recruit for Guido Fawkes, Harwood made his name as a staunch young Eurosceptic. He’s often the baby face on Sky News and other media, wheeled out to make the stance for Brexit. Many think he’s gone further to the right by joining Guido, but Harwood seems happy. A youth, he tends to do social media.

  1. Nick Timothy- Journalist and former Chief of Staff

After the disaster what was the 2017 election, Timothy departed May’s services. He continues to write for The Daily Telegraph, commenting on Brexit (Timothy is a Eurosceptic). It seems he’s not too pleased with how May is doing, but she probably hasn’t listened to him since June 2017. Timothy won’t go quietly into the night, however.

  1. Mark Wallace- Executive Editor of ConHome

The face of ConHome, Wallace is a prolific writer and is increasing his media profile. His damning investigation into the 2017 GE probably made many higher ups in politics feel a bit queasy. With a sharp wit and a quick pen, he’s queuing up for a successful 2019.


  1. Michael Heaver- Journalist

Co-owner of Westmonster and one of its lead journalists, Heaver represents the right of the party and like many on this list, is a hard Brexiter. You’ll often find him on YouTube compilations with names such as ‘Michael Heaver DESTROYS remainer journalist.’


  1. Laura Perrins- Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman

One of the more traditional conservatives on this list, Perrins remains the steadfast hand of The Conservative Woman. A strong opponent of victimhood and modern feminism, Perrins is proud of being a traditional Christian stay at home mother.

  1. Andrew Boff- Member and Leader of the Conservatives in the London Assembly

Boff lost the chance to become Conservative London Mayoral candidate, but still got a decent enough percentage of the vote. A libertarian in a party that is increasingly not, we can only hope that he speaks up more about the issue in 2019. Let’s hope he’ll one day get a seat in Parliament if he so wishes.

  1. Alun Cairns- MP and Secretary for Wales

Another Cabinet member whose job is now a bit unnecessary due to devolution, Cairns is still an impressive person as he’s one of the few cabinet/shadow cabinet people who have actually managed to stay in a job long term. He’s a quiet man who seems to work behind the scenes, which seems to be doing well enough for him.

  1. Liz Bilney- CEO of leave. eu

A woman who gives no crap about the allegations levelled against her organisation, Bilney continues to push for a no deal. Though it is no longer a campaign organisation, it is still a lobbying group which sends out lots of media in order to expand its reach. It makes her powerful enough. We’ll see how 2019 does for Bilney and the investigation.

  1. John Major- Former PM

One of two living Conservative PMs, Major may have been out of the game for a while but that’s not stopping him. A Europhile with concerns about Brexit, he joins Blair in calling for a people’s vote and hasn’t been shy about that opinion. News still comes out about his time in office, but Brexit is defining him at the moment.

  1. Lucy Harris- Director of Leavers of Britain and Coordinator of Leavers of London

A staunch Brexiter in remainer London town, Harris is devoting her time to promoting Eurospecticism in the capital. Her project Leavers of Britain is designed to create a place for Brexiters to meet up and expand their network. Harris’ article about being called a racist because of her Brexit bag did the rounds. Let’s hope her venture will do well.

  1. Andrea Jenkyns- MP

Probably May’s most ardent critic, Jenkyns is a fiery and promising back bencher who is very pro Brexit. She was one of the first out the gate regarding booting May out of office and she remains very open about it to this date. Never one to shy away from a debate, her Twitter and writing output is always interesting. From experience, her office staff are also excellent.

  1. Kenneth Clarke- MP

Father of the house and a veteran of many a Conservative government, the wind hasn’t completely gone out of Clarke’s sails. He has a wealth of experience, still not afraid to say exactly what he thinks (shocker). A prominent people’s vote supporter, he’s started to sit with the Tory outcasts in the commons. He may not be going up, but he won’t be going down anytime soon.

  1. Dominic Grieve- MP

Definitely an intelligent, educated man, Grieve is one of the most articulate men in the commons.  Like several members of this list, Grieve is on the Europhile side of the Tory Party and has been pushing for a people’s vote. On the #FBPE side of Twitter, he’s rather popular.

  1. Isabel Oakeshott- Journalist

A savvy media personality, Oakeshott may not always be on the front pages but has a reputable profile. She recently helped Lord Ashcroft with his recent book, a high profile one since 2015’s Call Me Dave. Wheeled out a lot at conference, you’ll always find her face on Sky News there.

  1. Steven Edginton- Blogger and Digital Campaign Manager for the TPA

His successful YouTube channel, full of interviews with big politicos, still remains popular and gets good views. He’s now part of the TPA as Digital Campaign Manager, no surprise considering how good he is with a camera and a website. Edginton is the youngest on this list, still in his teens.

  1. Andrew Pierce- Journalist

Full of ferocity and bite, Pierce often appears on the paper reviews on Sky News in the evening with Kevin Maguire. A jolly figure, he wears a trademark grin when giving his always interesting opinion. His Twitter is full of diverse opinions, from immigration to economic discussion.

  1. Dominic Cummings- Political Advisor

Gove’s former advisor and a marmite figure in British politics, Cummings is back in fashion due to his upcoming portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s not as prominent as he was, but still remains in the blogosphere.

  1. Geoff Norcott- Comedian

One of the few comedians on the right, Norcott is a recurring figure in The Mash Report and other TV programmes. Having seen him myself, he’s very, very funny and deserves more acclaim. A reasonable figure with intelligent views, he’s a good person to have on our side.

  1. Baroness Jenkin- Peer and Co-Founder of Women2Win

Part of Women2Win, Baroness Jenkin dedicates herself to encouraging female participation in conservative politics. A good friend of May (the PM co-founded Women2Win), she made history by being the first person in the Lords to say the c word after reading the abuse that many politicians get. She’s got a good cause going, let’s hope 2019 continues to deliver.

  1. Tim Martin- Wetherspoons Owner/Founder

A giant of a man, Martin is one of the biggest business owners to come out for a Brexit. An advocate of a no deal and fan of Boris Johnson, Martin encourages free trade in order to get better deals on imports. He recently toured many of his pubs to talk to patrons and explain his views on Brexit.

  1. Suella Braverman- MP

A high ranking member of the ERG, Braverman was one of many ministers to quit this year in protest of the draft agreement. An experienced PPS, she could make a comeback once May is out of the door. 2019 could be a good year for her.

  1. Priti Patel- MP

Thousands watched poor Patel’s plane fly in from Africa in 2017. She’s still a diehard Eurosceptic, but is not in the vein of Mogg or Baker in terms of being on the front lines. Smart and dedicated, she’s making pushes for Brexit as well as liberty and opportunity. Patel is wasted on the backbenches, a return to the cabinet would be welcome.

  1. Carrie Symonds- Political aide

Symonds has received some disgusting treatment in the press, akin to how Monica Lewinsky was shamed in the 90s. Apparently very intelligent and capable, she moved up in the party due to her own skill. What makes her brave is admitting that she was one of the John Worboys victims, something that made sure the rapist remained locked up. Thank you for your bravery.

  1. James Forsyth- Political Editor of The Spectator

The baby faced political editor of one of the biggest magazines; Forsyth may not be as well known as his colleagues but is doing a steady job. His articles are well written, mainly discussing the conundrum that is Brexit. Will he be promoted to editor in the future?

  1. Jonathan Isaby- BrexitCentral Editor

Editor of probably the largest website devoted to leaving the EU, Isaby has been in the journalism arena for many years. BrexitCentral always brings lively debates and is followed by a large number of people. As the debate heats up, Isaby will be waiting in the wings.

  1. Sam Bowman- Business advisor

Former Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute (you’ll know it from those memes), Bowman has moved to new pastures. He’s still one of the most foremost neoliberals in contemporary British politics, which he openly states in all media. You’ll find his Twitter littered with graphs and odes to capitalism. Bowman isn’t as prominent now he’s left ASI, but he’s still one to watch.

  1. Tim Stanley- Daily Telegraph Lead Writer

A talented writer for the Daily Telegraph, Stanley may not be a total youth but he’s on the younger side of this list. He can often be seen contributing to CNN as well, in addition to his strong support for Brexit. A convert to Catholicism, he contributes to the Catholic Herald and is a proud Christian.

  1. David Campbell-Bowerman

A former UKIP member who went to the Tories in 2011, Campbell-Bowerman is probably one of our best known MEPs (which says a lot about the European Parliament). As of March he’ll sadly be out of a job and is unlikely to get a seat, much like Hannan. Campbell-Bowerman is an advocate of the Super Canada deal and is, yes, a distant relation to the former Prime Minister.

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