The Overturning of Roe V. Wade: The Outrage, The Reality, and Observation | Ilija Dokmanovic

Screams ring out across the city – placards, posters, chanting, drumming circles, and the overwhelming sense of dread hanging over the participants’ heads. The right to have access to an abortion across the entirety of the United States has come to an abrupt and consequential end as Roe V Wade, a historical landmark case for the women’s rights movement had been overruled by the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote.

While these screams and the mass hysteria are not unexpected, the location of this protest is. It’s not in Washington D.C. outside the Supreme Court building. Those protests ended weeks ago.

It’s taking place at the intersection of La Trobe, Russell, and Little Lonsdale Street, just outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. These women are not impacted by the decision of the US Supreme Court – it is likely that they will have access to abortion for their entire lives, given the current “progressive” trends in Australian politics from both major political parties. Unless these swathes of urban women all emigrate to the deeply conservative states within the US, it is guaranteed that the decision to overturn Roe V Wade will never impact them in any iota of a way.

So why are they taking to the streets?

As one of the ringleaders of the protest outside of the State Library makes perfectly clear, it is all about “solidarity, comrades!”. In our interconnected world, where we all consume the same products, eat the same food, watch the same mind-drivel on our screens, and lap at the fountain of progressive politics, we must all respond so virulently to any decision which upsets this applecart – even if logistically speaking, it makes virtually no difference or sense to do so. Actually, especially in that sense.

The energy that is being shown on the streets of Melbourne in the wake of the Roe decision is the same energy that was shown after the death of George Floyd. The fact of the matter is that an arrest-gone-wrong in Minneapolis never impacted the majority of the people across the world who ended up “taking part” in the response. But because of the media spectacle and the fact that generations of people have been force fed racial grievance narratives like a goose being prepared for foie gras, it made the perfect recipe to get everyone involved in overlooking the facts and screaming for “justice” with no mind for proper discern or a basic understanding of the facts.

The consequence of that show ended up being billions of dollars in property damage, dozens dead being caught in the race riots, and sowing the seeds of distrust and hatred between different races and ethnicities not only in America but the rest of the Western world. All to help the Democrats win an election, may I add.

Unless these swathes of urban women all emigrate to the deeply conservative states within the US, it is guaranteed that the decision to overturn Roe V Wade will never impact them in any iota of a way.

So what is the point of making such a spectacle of Roe V Wade?

Legally speaking, the decision wasn’t exactly unprecedented. The way the United States has been organized means that individual State’s are able to pass legislation and enforce laws as they see fit within their confines. The separation between the Federal government and State governments exist for a very sound reason – to account for the differences between regions and peoples within the same nation and allow these differing groups to govern themselves as they see fit in accordance to their culture, sensibilities, beliefs, etc.

The United States is a large country – where one may not find inclusion in one particular state, it is more than likely they will in another. And they can move to those states freely as they need to.

Roe V Wade, took an incredibly culturally and morally sensitive issue and made a general enforcement of the abortion issue without recognizing or understanding the consequences of such an action on a country as large and as diverse as the United States. While the original decision to pass Roe in the 1970’s may have been made with good intention in trying to protect individual liberty, it was done in such a way that was not fully fleshed-out and rather sloppy.

With no substantial framework to go off of, constitutionally or legally speaking, within the Supreme Courts decisions to make a final authoritative decision of at which point or trimester a pregnancy can be terminated morally or ethically, and leaving significant factors out on purpose or out of ignorance, abortion became a lynch-pin issue of contention between Americans. A ticking time-bomb that would result in either an “anything goes” approach and attitude to abortion at a federal level, or an overturning of Roe V Wade.

As we have seen in recent years, activists and women’s rights groups have been pushing further and further for the stage at which a child can be aborted to go all the way up until the third trimester, or even during the stages of giving birth.

The lack of clarity or any authoritative decision by the US Supreme Court in the 1970’s to strictly lay the groundwork for what constitutes a fetus that can be ethically and legally terminated, to what constitutes a human life under the protection of the law left the door wide open for challenge. The fact that in states where a woman can legally get an abortion and not have that considered homicide, yet a murder can kill a pregnant woman or lead to the death of a child still in the womb be charged with double homicide or homicide respectively, shows that the definition of what is/isn’t a life isn’t defined well enough that such a broad legislation like Roe V Wade can effectively be implemented in any sort of consistent way.

The Supreme Court Justices who decided to overturn Roe v Wade are well aware of this fact, and are aware of the problems and inconsistencies, Constitutionally-speaking, that it has had. Perhaps the fact that they are conservative Justices elected by a Republican President makes it easier to throw accusations of blame or bias around – but it doesn’t change the fact that they have the authority to overturn a decision like Roe if they see it doesn’t fit the values or the traditions of the US Constitution. That check and balance exists for a purpose.

By overturning Roe V Wade the Supreme Court has not “banished” the practice of abortion in the United States. Far from it. It has simply returned the issue to the authority of individual State legislatures to decide on the issue as they see fit. This is a sound decision, both in the traditions of the Constitution, and the foundational beliefs of the country that States can govern themselves and be governed by their residents as they see fit without Federal interference.

So, once again returning to the key point I made in the introduction – why is the rest of the world having such a visceral reaction to this decision that has nothing to do with them?

Much in a similar tradition of the George Floyd outrage, it is to pit one against the other in order to create as much fear and tension between groups of people that those who currently hold the reigns of power in the West, can continue to retain as much power over the populace as possible.

If the media and political class that is desperately clinging on to the control that is rapidly falling from underneath them has an opportunity to exploit, they will do so. The Washington D.C. elites know that support for their government is decreasing day by day as inflation grows, foreign governments are sent billions of dollars in aid and cash as people go hungry and their living conditions worsen, gas prices get higher over short-sighted decisions to implement a “green revolution” that ended up being bullshit to help increase the wealth of tech billionaires and donors.

With midterm elections coming up and slates of candidates that are actively anti-establishment doing incredibly well in the polls, what else is the elite class left with but to try and exploit a deep-rooted issue that they helped create in almost half of the population?





All of these phrases could be summarized simply to:

“Don’t vote for the other guy, keep me in power and I promise that we’ll take on the big evil conservative Supreme Court!”*

*Results will vary, not that you know any better being so emotionally charged up.

And, as usual, don’t just whip up the frenzy within the United States. Do it all across the world to create the illusion of a uniform, or “correct” position on the issue. Get the placards and the pink pussy hats out across the main streets of the world. Activate the social media group-think, the instagram “news” bulletins that are overwhelmingly popular with females for how “simple and stylish” they make current events and how to think about them.

Manufacture consent and watch how the population that is afraid of losing their loosely and ill-defined “human rights” conforms to voting once again for the status quo.

The Kabuki theatre and smoke and mirrors is a tried and tested tactic – and it garners significant results. It divides people who would otherwise be united on one key issue – that is, overturning the current established system and finding a better alternative – and dividing them on petty lines and issues that are frivolous in the grand scheme of things. It’s been done between racial and ethnic lines, the next logical step is to do it among the two genders. (Which, ironically enough, has been clearly defined in this whole fiasco.)

The question is, will this false controversy have enough weight and gravitas to carry the Democrats and the rest of the D.C. political establishment to retaining more power in November?

Or will we have to wait for the next psyop closer to election day before this one loses steam?

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