Three core reasons Steve Baker should be the next Prime Minister │ George Santos

Of all the Tory leadership names floating around Steve Baker is the one with the best Eurosceptic credentials.

Only a few dozen Tory MPs voted against the Withdrawal Agreement the last time it came to the Commons. Even staunch Eurosceptics like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab caved and voted for it. Their reasons and intentions were good but, in the end, they did fold. Whereas Steve Baker did not.

There is something remarkable about the man that you’ll pick up if you listen to him talk for just a few minutes. It’s a quality he shares with few other contemporary politicians, Jacob Rees-Mogg being the only one I can think of. Steve Baker says what he thinks and does what he says. He is a conviction politician in a way we haven’t seen since Margaret Thatcher.

For Steve Baker, politics is a mission.  He has clear goals, but those goals are for the country, not for himself.

When he resigned over Chequers he said that he timed it to be immediately after David Davis so that he would barely feature in the news reports.

This is where I’m afraid I have to take a side swipe at Dominic Raab. Raab is a name you hear again and again in this race. He’s young, without baggage and strong Eurosceptic credentials which puts him head and shoulder above the entire Cabinet. This is a weird race in that the whole Cabinet have almost no chance of becoming leader due to the stench of failure and capitulation on them all.

Raab has the much better name recognition than Baker due to accepting the Brexit Secretary role straight after Chequers and then resigning it five months later when May’s Deal was released. Why did he take the role? He achieved nothing. Well, the obvious is that he made a huge name for himself. Now he’s an Ex-Cabinet Minister, a distinction that Steve Baker as an Ex Junior Minister doesn’t share. And he’s the Brexit Secretary that resigned over Brexit. A huge story.

I have no doubt that if Baker has stayed in government after Chequers he would have been offered the Brexit Secretary role. But he wouldn’t have taken it, there was no chance of him staying in government once he knew May was bodging up Brexit. Baker had actually been thinking of resigning for about six months, but waited to get the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2018 over the line as he felt it was his duty not to damage the chances of that getting through. Duty. That’s not a word you hear from politicians much these days, not something you see from them much either.

The second most important policy related fact you need to know about Steve Baker is that he has been hard at work trying to fix something that is deeply broken in the country. Something probably even more important than Brexit.

It’s something that we can all sort of see, it’s at the corner of our eye but just out of reach. But he is desperate to illuminate it, drag it into the light and beat it into submission. He’s desperate because fixing this one item will fix so many of the problems with our country, from inequality, to low growth, to the high house prices, to low investment, low productivity and the generational wealth gap.

That problem is our monetary system. The problems are complex so I’ll simplify them for you. In doing so I’ll undoubtedly get some things wrong but this is too important to leave to the experts. The key issue is that banks can create money. Yes, yes, I hear you say, we all know that. No, no you don’t. When you take out a mortgage the bank will literally type some numbers in the computer and create money. They will then put your deeds on their books as an asset against that money. Don’t believe me, there are videos and articles on the Positive Money sure and also on Steve’s own think tank The Cobden Centre.

Needless to say, this causes huge problems. One of the biggest is our over-inflated housing bubble, and it skews our whole economy towards real estate. And real estate is not investment, it is not the productivity our economy needs. This sort of bubble investing is also damaging for people who need to use property for useful things like business or raising a family. And this ridiculous system has been getting worse and worse in recent years. Sending ripples of pain throughout our economy with the only beneficiaries being the bankers and landlords.

Baker has set up a whole Economics think tank called The Cobden Centre to investigate and look for solutions to all this.

The simplest way would be to make the monetary system run like we all think it already does run. If a bank wants to lend you money, they have to borrow it from someone else first.

This may seem all very geeky but I can’t overstate its importance. People remember Margaret Thatcher taking on the Unions and privatising the failing nationalised industries.

(Fun Fact failing nationalised car industries employed 3 million people before Thatcher. That’s 3 million people whose jobs were being subsided by the taxpayer.)

But what people don’t remember is Thatcher sorting out the monetary system. Inflation had been running at 20%+ a year at times in the 70s. That meant if you were saving £80 a year to buy a TV costing £500 you would never be able to buy that TV.

Thatcher controlled the money supply and that brought down inflation. Getting the monetary system under control meant the economy was able to start working properly again.

This is exactly what Steve Baker will do if elected leader. He will fix Brexit by going for No Deal. He will fix the Economy by fixing the money supply. And he will fix politics by keeping his promises.

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