To Understand Britain’s Monarch is to Understand Britain’s Beauty | Nicholas Morris

The pages are turned as they seek salvation, they recite the scriptures to become closer to God, whether they find their answers or not, many will never know that the King James Bible was an act of a Monarch ensuring enrichment for decades to come. 

They walk down the aisle happily in matrimony heading towards life, they return years later at its end being wheeled to the altar before they return to heaven. Do what they will, King Henry’s Anglican Church provides the pillar of their lives. 

“Liberty ,equality and freedom” they shout from the streets of the United States to the roads of Asia, the same sun shines over them as it did over King John as he signed the Magna Carta in the hallowed fields of Runnymede in 1215.

The 2021 election results ring out on a breezy Caribbean Night in St. Lucia, maybe there was the same excitement in 1254 when King Henry (III) first instructed the Sheriffs to send elected representatives of the counties to consult with him creating the first foundations of the modern Parliament

Centuries later humanity continues to stand on the foundations of kindness like that which radiated from Queen Victoria, it is held strong by the virtues of goodness like that of King Edward the Confessor and strives for peace like under King Edgar the Peaceful.  

We are told that the Monarch is but an outdated symbol of greed yet when we look at what matters to us, when we look at what forms the core of our lives, when we look at the institutions which offer us hope, the Monarch is that guiding hand of friendship which we have never known, but always held. 

We believe in a Monarch not because it is superior to us but because it is that long story of fairy-tale grandeur which enlightens the spark in our soul which we all desire to be; better. We desire to be better so we look to what we believe is best.

The romanticism that there is divine right or the courageous history of bloody fights on battlefields past is not what creates the love within us but that inner inspiration that we to can all aim to be better like a Queen in her royal beauty or King in his majestic bravery. 

They call for the Monarch to be removed as it doesn’t represent people any more but maybe it never was about representing the people, maybe it was about representing the love from the people who gave consent to its existence.

To understand the meaning of Britain’s Monarch is to understand the beauty of Britain. Britain’s beauty  isn’t only the beauty of the sunrise over the Thames or scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, but it is based upon the kindness of a people which is second to none.  So kind that they will put the betterment of others before themselves. 

Britain’s beauty is best defined by her act of lending to the development of the world like no other nation. An act which started centuries ago, having its birth from the decisions of Kings and the courage of Queens.

No one knows where the resilience to withstand the greatest of adversity, the lust to help others before self or the kindness which distinguishes the English from others came from. 

Maybe it is that goodwill of hope which has passed down century after century from a Kingdom where the Monarch existed to rule but then became one to help people aspire to be better to each other.   

Maybe it is from a society where despite some Monarchs falling victim to the imperfections that are synonymous with human nature, many have inspired that goodness which uplifts. 

It is that same inspiration which has led to millions over the decades lining the streets to see Queen Elizabeth II as she visited Commonwealth nations.

Decades ago when Commonwealth nations were finding their footing Her Majesty never abandoned them.  No single leader has loved one nation for so long yet Her Majesty has loved over 50 nations for most of their independent existence. No Leader has travelled the world helping with various Humanitarian projects from education to rural development as has Queen Elizabeth II.

The Commonwealth argument for the Monarch is not political because it is not one based on a ruler but one based on a symbol of love. The Commonwealth argument for the monarch is for the protection of an institution which, like everything else on this earth, has had its faults, but has been the source of good for many centuries. 

In a world where we need goodness and humanity to combat the growing uncertainty, there is a need for this centuries- old institution to continue providing inspiration. 

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