Vaccine War and The British Fifth Column | Samuel Martin


As everybody knows by now, the European Union has announced its intention to block vaccine exports going from the Continent to the UK. As everybody also knows by now, the British have been doing a lot of complaining about it.

The most infamous example of this policy thus far has been the EU blocking exports from the HALIX plant in the Netherlands producing AstraZeneca; a factory that has not been licensed to produce AstraZeneca inside the EU.

However, the EU is in luck. Regarding the Sputnik V vaccine, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton stated that there is “absolutely no need” for more vaccines produced outside the EU. As you can see, the pragmatic grown-ups over at the EU are on the ball as ever.

Given this information, and for the sake of maintaining a good relationship with the EU post-Brexit, I think it would be impolite and very cynical to not take Mr Breton at his word. Therefore, Britain should cease all vaccine-related exports to the European Union with immediate effect.

Let us be 100% clear on what the EU is doing: the EU is willing to put the well-being of the British people at risk for no reason other than to save face after repeated failures in executing their vaccine programme, all while a post-EU Britain’s vaccination programme is being praised for its relative success. It doesn’t matter whether this threat would harm the UK or not. What matters is that such a threat was ready to be made. None of this should be misconstrued as shilling for Experts™, this is a matter of trust.

Behind the pseudo-realpolitik and technocratic bluster, the EU’s vaccination programme is heavily reliant on UK exports. No doubt this fact will be used as leverage during the upcoming negotiations, not that the result of these negotiations should make a difference. The very fact that the EU is acting this way should be enough evidence to certify them as our enemy, right? Not according to The Fifth Column.


Unfortunately, our enemies are not only abroad, but they are also at home.

It’s not patriotic to be complicit in the denigration, stagnation, and suicide of one’s nation. Those with blind allegiance shall forever fail to see the things that threaten their nation the most. However, it’s simply not the case that post-Brexit Remainers (Crypto-Rejoiners?) are the “reasonable, but misguided” types Brexiteers tell themselves they are. It’s simply not the case that “the argument [Brexit] is over”. Rather, there are swathes of people, in the masses, in civil society, in the press, in Parliament, that are fundamentally, unwaveringly, pathologically opposed to the success and the existence of our nation.

There is little doubt this provocation by the EU is a form of punishment, unmistakably an act of malice and jealousy. Any government worth their salt, should not let such a destructive incitement be forgotten. It’s time Britain stopped apologising for wanting to pursue its national interest and start doing so, without inhibitions about crushing whoever attempts to get in our way.

We are told this debacle has nothing to do with Brexit, Leavers, and Remainers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you think the Remoaners, the Woke, the Luvvies – whatever Boomerism suits your fancy – celebrate, excuse, and downplay the actions of the EU just because they can? Similarly, do you think they write for the Guardian fermenting over Britain’s successes for the sake of writing? Of course not: they do it because they hate the very essence of Us, and always will. Their allegiance is not to us, but to Them. Nothing like a crisis reveals the true nature of people, so be taking notes.

“Imagine if it was the other way around”. Enough. Right-wing pundits could be facing death by firing squad and they’d use their last words to remind us of the hypocrisy of their executioners. Rather than crying hypocrite, the right-wing sections of the press should be calling these people what they are: traitors.

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