We now have a Diverse Cabinet; and the Left are losing their Goddamn Minds | Amin Haque

This week we saw a brutal cabinet reshuffle, with the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson rewarding his allies, dumping dissidents, and cutting off the dead weight. We now also have one of the most diverse cabinets, with two of the Great Offices of State occupied by BAME politicians, Sajid Javid and Priti Patel. The positions of Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Business Minister, and International Development Secretary were also given to Rishi Sunak, Kwasi Kwarteng, and Alok Sharma respectively.

Such promotions would seem delightful to those with a cursory interest in diversity and representation, much more so to those obsessed with the identity politics of our current climate. Yet in recent days we have seen an almost blood-curling rage from left wing commentators. The discourse could be summarised as follows: more BAME representation is good, but you don’t count.

There are many criticisms that can be made of these cabinet appointments, from a range of political perspectives. Why should a Secretary of State who resigned over Israeli back-channels be allowed to serve as the Home Secretary? Why was Penny Mordaunt, the Secretary of State for Defense and the only female Royal Navy reservist in the House of Commons, sacked for allying with Hunt instead of Johnson, despite being a formidable and well-liked politician?

Of course that would be too easy. Clive Lewis MP started off with a passive-aggressive congratulations, accusing the new Party Chairman, James Cleverly, of selling his soul. James hit back, calling the member for Norwich South ‘bitter’ about seeing more diversity.


Some went on to suggest that the promotion of Asian politicians was an indictment on the status of black representation. Whilst there are few black Conservative MPs, the notion that this is not a victory for minorities is absurd. Cambridge lecturer Priyamvada Gopal took this argument to ridiculous proportions, insisting that Asian toryism is built on ‘anti-blackness’ and are complicit in white supremacy.

Pitting minorities against one another is a new low for the leftwing establishment, and is a sign of the degradation of discourse amongst progressive circles. These same groups are in the midst of their own scandals, as Labour battles with the ongoing investigation of antisemitism within its party; the hypocrisy is completely overlooked.

Kerry-Anne Mendoza, from the alt-left Corbyn fanzine The Canary, went further so as to claim that that BAME Conservatives are no longer people of colour. And that the government, which is likely to scrap immigration targets and allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country, is far-right. The dehumanising language was called out by many, with comments accusing her of only tolerating minorities who share her worldview. Actress Tracy Ann Oberman lambasted her as ‘racist’, citing the commentator’s controversial tweets and articles, many of which are seen as inflammatory to the Jewish community.

The Left has made identity politics a pivotal part of its platform. That diversity is an inherent good regardless of the opinions of those who hold it. Conservatives on the other hand pride the notion of merit, that positions of power should be given to the most able, and that fixation on diversity and quotas are counter-intuitive and performative. Yet as the Right slowly clock on to this phenomenon, and adopt this language for their own benefit, the left realise they’re being trumped at their own game. That their obsession has backfired; and they’re losing their goddamn minds.

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