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Berlin, 13 June 1991, the world watched on as the Berlin Wall started to fall, and though the demolition was not complete until November that year, the west rejoiced in the hope of a brighter future. From 1989 it was apparent that the dictatorships of Europe were on their last legs. The most brutal of all dictators, the Romanian Nicolae Ceaușescu, killed by his own Military in December of 1989 following a popular revolution in Bucharest. However, the happiness was relatively short lived, the Cold War did not end with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The authoritarian left went into hiding, biding their time. After all, they say the devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you, unless you have ignored the signs. And if you think this is an exaggeration, then you aren’t watching closely. Think about what the Cold War represented outside of the participating countries borders: The control of speech, propaganda wars, a promised utopia, the restriction of media (Books and TV), and the rewriting of history.

We need only observe the past week to see contemporary examples of the above demonstrated. First, the Edward Colston statue was toppled in Bristol, which sparked a chain reaction of fallen statues around the world. Comedy was censored in the UK due it`s very nature, causing offence. The BBC turned into the, Deutscher Fernsehfunk, the state broadcasting channel from the German Democratic Republic, with its headline, `27 police officers injured in largely peaceful protests`. Whilst the most startling comparison with the Cold War being the socialist experience in Seattle, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ. Which in just two weeks has gone from a walled socialist utopia, drawing praise from left wing intelligentsia the world over, to tyrannical murderous regime, who`s citizens are now escaping after being cut off from the outside world. Stalin and Ceaușescu must be looking down, or most probably looking up, considering their time on earth, thinking how in 2020 radical leftists could accomplish in just two weeks what took the USSR and Romania decades. If the consequences weren’t so severe, I would have to applaud the tyrannical left.

I have watched over the past month in complete bemusement at our so called Conservative Government, who supposedly pride themselves on Law and Order. What has become so apparent is how powerless the government are. The most powerful institution in the UK at the moment is not the government, but tech bosses some 5000 miles away in Silicon Valley. It is axiomatic to say that the atmosphere on Twitter controls social behaviour across the world. Twitter is open about the use of shadow banning profiles and its power to control the frequency in which specific tweets are seen. Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, literally censors the leader of the free world, The President of the US. With this power, Dorsey becomes the de facto left wing world Dictator. As the quote by Frietzsche Nietzsche goes `Battle not with monsters, lest they becomes a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you`. It seems Dorsey is everything he claims to be opposing.

The authoritarian left are now too powerful to stop, though could have been if World Governments would have had the strength in conviction to challenge the mob earlier. Cancel culture, the encroachment on civil liberties, and the US college campus crisis are not a new phenomenon. Everyone ignored the signs, reluctant to confront the cultural neo Marxist resurgence. I suspect it was easier to pretend it wasn’t happening. Like in the popular children’s book, `there`s a dragon in my room`. Danny, the protagonist in the novel, tells his Mum one morning that there is a dragon in his bedroom. Reluctant to confront the issue, Mum simply says, `there`s no such thing as dragons`. Danny continues to tell his Mum about the dragon, however every time the dragon is dismissed it grows. And by the time Mum see`s the dragon, there`s nothing she can do.

The worst thing of all, liberalism has served as the best long-term recruiter for the new Marxists movement. What we are now seeing is the result of a systematic war of attrition on religion, and the Judo-Christian values that created the West. The liberal lies, like the female body clock which apparent has no limits. The decreased importance of marriage, and a denial of the innate need to procreate. The attempt to re-programme thousands of years of instinct in such as short space of time has left many who cannot find a purpose in life. That purpose void often leads to nihilism, and those nihilists are so quick to take to the streets, are much more willing to risk breaking the law or being fired from their job. That is why we can’t win, and if the culture war is not already lost, it soon will be. The screaming band of childless nihilist are coming, and no one is safe. Not even those who are desperately trying to curry favour with the mob right now, the celebrities who are donating money to the BLM, the news reporters who are supporting the unrest. It is nothing more than a plea to, please eat me last. It will be like the book Persepolis, where those who supported the Iranian revolution were the first to be punished under the new tyrannical regime.

Luckily, a blueprint on how to survive and live under left authoritarianism already exists, and you`d do best to buy a copy of it before it is most probably burned. The Captive Mind, by the polish Nobel laureate, Czesław Miłosz, who describes how it was possible to survive in post war Poland under USSR rule.

One method of survival is the Pill of Murti Bing, taken from the dystopian novel Insatiability, by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz. The Murti Bing Pill is used as a cure for independent thought, creating blind obedience. Or as we`d more commonly say in Britain, if you can’t beat them, join them. It seems those in the BBC have taken the Murti Bing Pill for some time. Milosz also explains three methods of Ketman, a theory created by Gobineau, a 19th-century French diplomat assigned to present day Iran, as a way of accepting the new status quo. National Ketman, which I imagine would be the most popular Ketman in Britain, as Milosz explains was the case in Poland, was the process of carrying Russian Literature and humming Russian Songs, whilst privately not believing in the system, however retaining the love of your country. The Ketman of Revolutionary Purity, believing that the cultural Marxist have betrayed the teaching of the left by instituting mass terror and forced collectivisation. This will no doubt be the chosen Ketman of those on the left who have ignored the rebels in their ranks for so long, as a way of absolving themselves of blame. And finally, Aesthetic Ketman, which is to escape socialist realism by filling your life with hobbies, sometimes illegal activities, serving as escapism from reality. A popular choice for the intellectuals who will need to exercise their minds.

Of course, it is worth caveating that unlike the Cold War, it is unlikely the present-day Cold War will result in the type of mass scale brutality of the pre 1990 Cold War. Instead, the way we teach history will likely be adapted, the TV programmes we watch we will be transformed, our national intuitions will increasingly seek to represent the fringe minority, and the punishment for those willing to rebel will be social castigation. If asked what the future looked like, I would cite the master of dystopia, Orwell, `if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever`.

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