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What constitutes a Conservative? This is a question that the leadership election has necessarily thrown up, albeit tepidly. Suggested answers, though sorely non-substantive, ranged from preferencing low taxes to having a minor dislike of wokeness. Others had a better, more fitting description of the modern Conservative Party and its approach to politics. The moment that the leadership race began, diversity was the word on the commentariat’s lips, treated as we were to facile comments about how, regardless of the eventual winner, the diversity of the candidates meant that we were all winners. Of course, the liberal political class is well incentivised to parrot these sorts of lines. Scared of not cashing on this supposedly positive development, Conservative MP Andrew Bowie provided an illustrious list of the reasons why he was proud to be a Conservative; the first Jewish leader, the first and second female leader, the first trans MP, the most diverse cabinet in history, and now the most diverse leadership election ever. Influential Anglican blogger and staunch Conservative Adrian Hilton, was keen not to miss this golden opportunity either by tweeting out “it’s a good time to *stop* yelling that the Conservatives are a racist party”.

Clearly, it’s Shangri-la in the Conservative Party. Never mind the current economic hardships, continued record levels of immigration, or the failure in any meaningful way to demolish the Blairite managerial state, diversity is an unmitigated good. More than that, it’s a game to play – who can be the most diverse party, nay country. Conservatives are no doubt delighted that they are beating both the Labour Party and nearly the entirety of Europe. Recent statements would have one believe that it is the apotheosis of modern Conservatism, deserving of deification. Andrew Bowie is assuredly looking enviously at France and its cornucopia of diverse enrichment, boisterously exclaiming to his fellow Conservative MPs, ‘I can’t believe we are losing to those cheese eating surrender monkeys’, reliably met with a jovial round of applause as the party figures out ways to increase immigration.

Joking aside, there was a certain level of irony in the right wing of the Conservative Party supporting two ‘global majority heritage’ candidates. Some saw it as a stroke of genius, if not an obvious one. Front two individuals – Kemi Badenoch and Suella Braverman – who are able to use their own diversity to deflect against accusations of racism, as bulwarks against diversity. People in the wider right-wing sphere were quickly drawn in, prefixing the names Badenoch and Braverman with the word ‘based’ to make a catchy alliteration. Yet it was as if a collective amnesia set in at the possibility of a mere crumb of actual right-wing policies.

There’s nothing novel about ethnic minorities acting as the spokespersons for the harder right factions of the Conservative Party. It’s a tried and tested script being played out on repeat to simultaneously please the ‘gammon’ that constitute the Conservative Party membership, whilst batting away liberal condemnations of racism. Who remembers Priti Patel, what high hopes the membership had for her. She was going to sort out the UK’s immigration policy, stop the boats, and usher in a points-based system that would drastically reduce the influx of people into the country. Rear guard defences for her failure have abounded in recent years, from blaming Home Office civil servants to the European Court of Human Rights. At a minimum though, there was probably an expectation that she wouldn’t destroy the small settlement of Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire, by locating a refugee centre there filled with bored third world young men at a number larger than the village’s population. A refugee centre that is only being built due to the Conservative government’s failure to stop migrant boats from crossing the English Channel.

The inference here is not ‘don’t trust ethnic minority Conservatives’, but simply ‘don’t trust the Conservative Party’. Adrian Hilton’s own mentality encapsulates the utter failure of the institution to do anything except fall on its knees begging for the moral approval of the left. His words, and those of Andrew Bowie, amount to the same thing; that despite twelve years of Conservative rule and the failure to do anything Conservative, least of all preserve the phenotypic character of the UK, we can all take solace in one positive – that the Conservative Party and the country is not racist.

It’s hardly a cry to man the battlements – ‘support the Conservatives, we aren’t anything if not faithful adherents to the new religion of diversity’. Unfortunately, sufficient numbers of Conservative voters have not been inoculated against the true character of the Conservative Party. They hold out hope for a leader who might reverse the series of unfortunate events that have marked Britain for the past twenty years, secretly believing that the Conservative Party is playing a long Machiavellian game to achieve such an end. They consume the cleverly spun Conservative lies fed to them at each general election and will do so right up until it is too late.

The declining percentage of the Anglo-Celtic, Indo-European population of the UK is no myth or conspiracy. It’s borne out by recent demographic trends and future modelling. The latest census data remains concealed from the public. A sense of foreboding awaits its release.

Even after all these scandals, the Conservative Party still pretends that diversity means a litany of foreign restaurants on the local high street; or that race is only skin deep – anyone can be British providing they accept our vaguely defined values.

As the late Jonathon Bowden pointed out, being a minority is no fun. He did not live long enough to see the abuses that went on in Rotherham, or the recently publicised tragedies that occurred in Telford, however he likely foresaw their inevitability. What’s worrying is that this occurred at a time when native Britons did and presumably still do, census pending, make up a sizable majority. The sympathies that these abused young girls received from the establishment was feeble. It was an embarrassing story that the chattering class wished had remained subterranean. Nick Ferrari, the Conservative leaning radio host, said that the people who were most let down by the Telford scandal were decent Asian families, rather than the young white girls who were abused by not-so-decent Asian men. If our political class currently cares so little about the plight of native Britons, then just wait until the demographic forecasts come to pass.

Was the sacrifice that this new religion demanded worth it – the influx of new categories of crimes like female genital mutilation, or new legal mechanisms like forced marriage protection orders (FMPO) which cost local authorities thousands of pounds to enforce.The commentariat think so with their everyday reminders of what a blessing diversity is. Held up, as they are, in their nice provincial villages or cosily nested away in some bourgeois suburb of London. Either way, they are largely shut out from the Lovecraftian horrors many of us are forced to witness on a regular basis.

Even after all these scandals, the Conservative Party still pretends that diversity means a litany of foreign restaurants on the local high street; or that race is only skin deep – anyone can be British providing they accept our vaguely defined values. Their vision of diversity is the former subjects of the British Empire holding hands in reverence of the UK parliamentary system, the monarchy, and free commercial exchange. It’s a fantasy.

Labour to their credit, understand the true nature of diversity as the assemblage of loyal ethnic fiefdoms able to project their minority interests to feed upon the public purse at the majority’s expense. Where Labour hopes to ‘dissolve the people and elect another’, the Conservatives see the promotion of diversity as a short-term expediency – a necessary public relations stunt to satisfy the liberal media class, and a way of retaining big business and investor support by depressing wages and inflating house prices. Those Conservative MPs of ethnic heritage are not even remotely representative of their own ethnic brethren, and even then, the Party cannot see the demographic timebomb that conspires to destroy it.

The result is the same either way – ‘zombie apocalypse’. Nick Land, in his seminal neo-reactionary essay, The Dark Enlightenment, recognised democracy’s tendency to ‘accentuates time-preference to the point of convulsive feeding-frenzy’.  Tied in with his astute observation that democracy itself has a race problem, it becomes evident that our so revered multi-cultural liberal democracy is fast degenerating into an ethnic knockout game. Anyone who denies the racial dimension of democracy should quickly review the voting habits of Indians and Afro-Caribbeans in Trinidad and Tobago, that’s if the evidence from Europe or America is not enough. This inescapable dynamic will inevitably consume everything that the Conservative Party holds dear, and once it does, it may simply resort to flagrantly looting the country.

Instead of ignoring accusations of racism, the Conservatives internalised the problem and diversified at breakneck speed. They too would play the diversity game. A game that, in virtue of playing, they had already lost. By pandering to minorities, they signed up to the stifling contractual contradiction at the heart of multi-cultural democracies – the simultaneous rule and rejection of the biopolitical. The biopolitical concerns itself only with the interests of the group and not abstract concepts like free markets or liberal democracy; and yet concepts like free markets and liberal democracy are technically only concerned with the individual, and must necessarily reject notions of group interests or ethics.  

What the Conservatives fail to recognise is that liberal democracy arose as a group-based ethic in Northern Europe and only functions whilst its conventions are respected. However, by the same metric, because of its emphasis on the individual, it can be readily subverted by group-based political strategies. The most successful minority ethnic groups implicitly understand this, with the limits of their reverence for democracy concerning only the quantity of privileges and material goods that they can extract from the system. Take the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathon Greenblatt for example, he is able to perform the mental gymnastics that enable him to advocate for the idea that America is a ‘Nation of Immigrants’ whilst vigorously defending Israel’s right to homogeneity, as well as recognising that transitions to multi-cultural societies tend to end poorly, and deliberately forgetting that his organisation, the ADL, were fierce proponents of repealing the 1965 Immigration Act, which enabled the third world to enter America. One might wonder how his head is able to contain such a cocktail of contradictions, but it’s simply, he cares little for the platitudes that he spouts and only for the interests of his group. He is not alone in having this attitude. It is the essence of politics in in a multi-cultural society. It is the biopolitical. Aristotle understood clearly that democracy would only befit a homogonous society otherwise it would become the plaything of despots. For the all the supposed classicists in the Conservative Party, it’s an indictment of their credentials that they failed to pick up on this most crucial of truths.

Anti-wokeness is the soft acceptable face of native British interests that some members of the Conservative Party are hesitantly willing to adopt. Nevertheless, it is insufficient. Wokeness is simply an expedient tool to continually beat the majority with. The majority of Britain’s ethnic minorities care little for the true principles of wokeness. Homosexual celebrations and drag queen story hour will immediately end once the biopolitical process crowns its new champion. Everyone involved in genuine group-based strategies is anti-woke at heart, they just know an effective weapon when they see it. 

Liz Truss’s campaign video contained the oft repeated phrase ‘I believe our country’s best days are ahead of us’. It’s a comforting line that the Tory faithful may wishfully lap up. No one truly believes it though. At the heart of the problem is the Conservatives’ failure to recognise that which fundamentally constitutes a country or a nation – its people. A nation is its people. A nation, and the civilisation it belongs to, is the expression of a particular biopolitical creative spirit. Its fortunes are tired to the fortunes of its people. For moderns, this is the cruellest and yet most obvious political reality – that if you liquidate the people, you liquidate the nation and everything that it once stood for.

Blaming Labour perpetuates the mentality that continually pushes people to vote for the Conservative Party. When comparing the two parties’ culminative time in power since 1945, the Conservatives are the undisputed winners and therefore deserve the largest portion of the blame. They have opted to ignore reality and in doing so have condemned the British people. A Conservative revolution is needed but it need not, or cannot, be done via the Conservative Party.

Photos taken from UK House of Commons website.

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