What is ‘Wexit’? Part Three: Economic Frustration | Audrey Dunham

This article is part three of a series of articles on the movement for the Western Provinces of Canada to secede from the Union (termed, ‘Wexit’). This article was kindly provided by Audrey Dunham, and explains the economic grievances within Canada that have fermented a secessionist movement. 

Since Canada first became a country the power has always been in the East. In the early 1900’s a large western province was proposed, but the proposal was quickly shut down by parliament as they knew that if the west was one big province, it would give us too much power to make decisions.

The inequality is written plain as day throughout our whole governmental system. Our individual votes count for nothing, we vote for seats… and that would be okay if every province, city and municipality had the same number of seats. They say that the higher the population the more seats should be allocated for that  area,  which is just absolutely corrupt! So the cities with higher populations get to vote for more seats? Making them the ones who control every election..

Here are the provincial breakdowns of the seats.

  • Ontario 121
  • Quebec 78
  • British Columbia 42
  • Alberta 34
  • Manitoba 14
  • Saskatchewan 14
  • Nova Scotia 11
  • New Brunswick 10
  • Newfoundland & Labrador 7
  • PEI 4
  • Yukon 1
  • Northwest Territories 1
  • Nunavut 1


To make things fair, shouldn’t the provinces with lesser populations have more seats, and places with a higher population have a lot less seats?

The Eastern and Western parts of Canada are like two people in an unhealthy relationship. The West goes to work, provides for the rest of Canada and after giving all we have to the East, they act like it is not good enough; yet, the population of Eastern Canada will come to Alberta, and they will work our oil sands jobs and take our money and take it back to their provinces with them. Which is no big deal, but then they have the audacity to belittle us and our means to making money.

They say they don’t want dirty Alberta oil, but they still want our dirty Alberta oil money.

For over one hundred years we have been abused, used and left for broke by the East. Time and time again, they slander us but beg us for equalization pay. I drove truck all over Canada: when moving freight from Ontario to Alberta, Alberta pays the freight; moving it from Alberta to Ontario, Alberta pays the freight. Alberta products get sold, for the most part to other Canadian provinces; in the East, whatever they grow, produce and make gets exported to the USA and other countries around the world. None of it gets sent to the West

There is a lot of controversy going on right now about the use of oil, and I agree it is not sustainable. But you do not walk into an economy and completely shut down an entire sector that employs a very high percentage of Albertans before first coming up with a solution. I hear a lot of people, even Albertans complaining about the oil and not one that has complained was able to give me a viable solution to our problem.

It is true that oil is far from sustainable, that is the absolute truth. Since oil has been pumped out of the ground in North America (since 1859), it has been the fundamental building block of the economies of Canada and the United States. Other types of sustainable energy have been pushed under the table over the years as most of these forms of energy are easily found around us and harnessed by any person. Not just anyone can build a drilling rig and drill oil out of the ground, but everyone can grow biofuel, a form of energy that would absolutely abolish the use of fossil fuels without shutting down an entire economy or having to make new engines to run the new bio-fuel as it will already run in every single diesel engine in the world. 3 days before our election they had a smart young woman come over here from Sweden, little Greta. She bashed Alberta oil and the environmental impact that our oil sands have, while successfully turning a lot of Eastern Canada’s population against Alberta. Sadly though, we have the cleanest means of extracting oil in the world, there are a lot of people in Canada who do care for this land, and that is why we have such strict rules and regulations when it comes to environmental impact that our oil sands. There are no other countries that produce oil as ethically as Alberta does.

This visit by Greta was no doubt a tactic used by Trudeau to get the votes of the younger people who are worried about their futures when it comes to taking care of the planet.

Well let’s make this clear, our government has enough money and enough technology that if they see something as a viable threat to humanity or our planet, they wouldn’t just impose a carbon tax, they would actually do something about it. The fact that they refuse to do anything brings to light the cynical agenda held by our government. Trudeau is not interested in our well-being or our futures; he just wants our money so he can give it freely to other countries who do not even give back to Canada. This is not how a world leader should run a country, but it is how one can be ruined. Causing inequality among your people using your strongest natural resource for your own personal gain, not even political gain, is so wrong on so many levels.

This article was part of a series on ‘Wexit’, the movement in Western Canadian provinces to secede from the union. 

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