Why Britain As We Know Will Die, But America Will Survive | Damien Heads

My name is Damien Heads, and I have been active in and around the political scene for almost ten years. Throughout this time I have experienced profound changes in this country’s politics, both in government, and in the culture itself, driven by both the media, senior politicians, and rebel parties such as UKIP.

I myself was once a member, believing that I could help play at least a small part in pushing the country into what I strongly believe is its natural and very representative place of a conservative disposition.

Despite the monumental achievement of attaining our exit from the EU, which I still believe is one of the greatest things this country has ever done, this country has faced an onslaught of left wing propaganda, including advocating for little-to-no control of our borders, the redefining of what is a man or a woman, and the message that this country is a profoundly racist one, which therefore should institute discriminatory policies against white people to make up for the injustices suffered by minorities, in the form of racial quotas, and the like.

This has recently come to bear fruit most conspicuously in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is an avowedly Marxist movement driven by the most cynical and egregious people in our society. This has come to no surprise however for people like me, who have been following groups like Antifa and BLM for a long time, and are at full knowledge of what they are about. That is not the scary thing though.

The scary thing is that our society’s institutions have all but adopted this madness so to promote their ‘woke’ credentials. In this country, we used to have institutions which would strongly fight back against similar cultural onslaughts, most notably the church. However, even the Church of England has all but embraced this type of empty rhetoric, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recently stating we should rethink portraying Jesus as white, in light of the recent BLM protests.

Now all this would be fine if we had some sort of defence against this cultural annihilation, however, the best method we have to fight back against this is through the Conservative Party. And although I believe the Conservative Party is profoundly better than what it used to be, particularly under Theresa May and David Cameron, we are still facing a mammoth task to turn this thing around. That comes most importantly in the reformation of our immigration system, in a way that vastly reduces it from the net 270,000 figure it totalled at the end of last year.

This is because, whatever steps we take to turn this situation around on the cultural battlefront, none of it will matter in a few decades time when the country has been filled with people who are completely hostile to the idea of having controlled borders, and have no respect for the things British people have come to hold dear; such as freedom of speech, equality, low taxes, and a right to a quiet life, where we are not being forced to live according to someone else’s moral code, such as Sadiq Khan who bans swimwear adverts, for fear it makes people feel bad about their bodies; pleasing both the feminists, and the fundamental Islamists who would prefer us all to put our women in burkhas.

So why is the very idea of Britain as it currently is, in peril, but America safe do you ask? Lots of reasons, and they don’t all revolve around Donald Trump, believe it or not. America is largely safe from this nonsense, which has come to dominate much of the Anglosphere, because it has in place the most advanced and protective constitution, and system of government, the world has ever seen. That is if you regard the protection of ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ to be the chief goals of any state.

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One of the primary achievements of the American constitution is the Bill of Rights, largely based on the English bill of rights, and the philosophy of great British and Enlightenment thinkers such as John Locke, of whom Thomas Jefferson and many other American founders were great admirers. In this it sets out one of the most important rights a society can have, which is Freedom of Speech, outlined in the First Amendment. Without this fundamental right, the right of an individual to speak out against his or her government, or any sort of tyranny, is vastly diminished, as we can see in the form of hate speech laws in Britain, which have all but flattened much of the discourse around criticism of any kind of Islamic extremism, and any kind of response we could have to it.

The other great triumph of the constitution, which will seem contentious to many British sensibilities, is the right to bear arms, in the form of gun ownership. The main purpose of this, is if ever the government of America stepped out of line, if, for instance, it be in the assault of the freedoms it was built upon, the American people could not just defend themselves, but also have a good chance of taking that government down, if they were denied so in the form of democratic means – a significant Lockean principle in itself.

The last great achievement of the American constitution, along with others Britain has achieved previously, such as the separation of powers, is the delegation of law and government to the state level; in that besides what the constitution outlines on a country-wide level, the state is at will to institute what it deems to be the right law and governing it sees fit. This means that the Federal government of the United States is not able to force upon states much of the law imposed in other countries, but is simply there to look after the union of states as a whole, and protect each individual’s fundamental rights within each state.

This places great significance, in that in America you have choices – choices in how to live and be governed. A luxury which you will not find in Britain, where whatever the government decides, you have to follow, or face the consequences of the law. This is very useful, because if parts of America were ever to become largely tyrannous, or inhospitable, due to poor state level government, or an unruly population (I know many people will be thinking of California), you would have the option to be able to move to somewhere where you feel more comfortable and can prosper much more easily.

All of these great luxuries that America have, and we don’t, with our unwritten constitution, which is subject to constant change under parliamentary rule, puts us in severe danger of a society without the protections it needs to stave off collapse. But it’s not just a matter of law and government which is the problem; the American people are profoundly nationalistic, and are prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect the country they have grown up in and learned to love. As sad as it is to say, I largely do not see this attitude among Britons, except maybe still in the working class communities, who have come to represent much of what is still patriotic about this country.

The real truth is that much of the British people just want a quiet life where they don’t have to be bothered by this modern day nonsense, and attacks on our country’s culture and history. They surely object to it, but to fight against it, putting their life and careers on the line, in a country which is profoundly hostile, bizarrely, to what is mainstream opinion, is another matter.

It would be nice to think that in some romantic sense the British people, as in World War Two, once pushed too far, would bite back vociferously. And to a certain extent that is true if you read great journalists such as Douglas Murray and Peter Hitchens. However, in my opinion, this is far too little, far too late. I am not advocating that we stop fighting however, as I am more than happy to carry on myself, despite the consequences, as that’s just who I am, and I know how many people are, however I do think it’s time we admit that the Britain we once knew, will never be the same again, despite how much we would prefer it to be.

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