Why Democracy will Never Work | Alex Brown

For thousands of years mankind has sought good government. He has tried many forms of it from the Greek polis to the One-party state and he has arrived at what he perceives to be the end of his long struggle for the perfect form of government. He believes that Democracy is that perfect form. Man is wrong. We are wrong. Churchill suggested that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried”. He too was wrong. 

Under the guise of democracy man has had his voice silenced by the very officials who seek to represent him. We have been told that there are those better educated and better suited to lead us. Yet for hundreds of years these same leaders who espouse such theories have led us down the wrong path time and time again. Mrs. Thatcher decimated British domestic production, Harold Wilson destroyed the international power of Britain, Tony Blair eviscerated the family structure and David Cameron continued that hit job as well as selling out Britain’s economy to the third world. And now today behind the black door of No.10 Downing Street there is a man who is following that same path, surrounded by men and women who would follow that same path all of them elected under the guise of democracy, under the construct that they are better placed than used to lead and decide. They are not. 

Democracy is good at one thing and that is creating illusions. The greatest illusion of Democracy is that freedom is good for man. Liberal philosophers have all written their works in the firmly held belief that freedom and freedom under a democracy is a good thing. But I ask you to consider what you have gotten out of the extreme freedoms of the modern world that are pushed as godly in their nature. I ask you this because when I think about it, all I have gotten is hordes of people who push upon me their ill thought opinions on race, history, politics and more. These people have never picked up a book in their lives, they have no interest in doing so because all they seek to do is complain. Complain that things aren’t good enough. But they don’t wish to think of solutions themselves for they lack the interest to do that. So, they would rather elect sly, covetous, and weak people into office who will do it for them. And in return they can do anything they want including all that complaining. 

“But that is Democracy they scream!” they believe that by its very nature it is a good thing that all these people are so engaged (albeit in a dysfunctional way) with the way things are run. But again, ask yourself, what say do you have in the running of our nation. You give up all your political agency to them so they can make bad decision after bad decision in your name whilst you deal with the consequences. That one vote you get every five years is your contribution to the governing of our nation (because the vast majority of people have never heard of think tanks and consultations etc.) and yet that one vote is rather worthless because you very well know that in the UK it will be one of two parties who govern in a way that is indistinguishable from one another in many regards. To simplify it beyond belief, the Labour Party will take all they can from you and redistribute it until you are so poor that you end up in the category entitled to redistribution and the ‘Conservative Party’ will sell the nation out for an extra slither of GDP. 

Why not the third parties then? Because given the slightest opportunity of government or power they will fall into the same traps of dilution and weakness, sell you out even more than the mainstream parties would and then be forced out of government with their hand practically clean, being able to blame it all on a broken system or historical decisions etc. 

So, what do we do? How do we combat the long list of failed forms of government on which I would gladly add democracy? I’m ashamed to say I don’t think there is much you can do. The cogs are so stuck in the direction they turn that any attempt to change them now suddenly would do more damage than the existing structure. The one thing you can do is talk to your fellow man and convince him of this argument. Convince him that democracy has failed us and that one day there will be change for as long as there is still such hope in man, he will push on for change and push on to the next day. We must fight within this awful system to destroy it and change it, fight within these party structures to break them down brick by brick to change it. It should not be revolutionary, it should be gradual but one day when enough people are dissatisfied there will be a change and democracy will fall on the ash heap of history and in its place I hope something more competent awaits. 

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