Why I Finally Believe We Will Leave the EU | Jake Scott

I will hold my hands up and admit it – I was hoodwinked by May and “her team”. I genuinely believed the result of the European Union Referendum would be respected, and we would finally leave on the promised date of March 29th, 2019. I tried to ignore the sceptics, and put my faith in the government; as the deadline drew nearer, my faith became weaker, until finally I realised I was wrong and everyone else was right – May had no interest in leaving.

And for the entire time until she (finally) left, I didn’t think we would ever go.

Now, Boris Johnson is not some messiah. Nor will he make the transition easy by virtue of who he is – no one would – and I really don’t believe he will unite the country, though he might unite the party. But one thing I have been convinced of, is that we will leave on the 31st of October. And I am prepared to (potentially) embarrass myself by publicly declaring it.

The reason I believe this is that the party has done exactly what I just said; publicly declared it – and they have done over and over. Social media has been plastered with such declarations, and I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson is staking his career on it. Unless he is playing some extraordinarily long game, I don’t believe he will not deliver on this.

I know this may sound strange, but it is the very public nature, and the repetitiveness of the message, that makes me think it will actually be kept to. Maybe I am exactly the target. Maybe this is a stunt. And maybe I will embarrass myself on this, but the embarrassment will be even greater for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives if we do not leave on the 31st of October – because if we don’t, the Conservatives will never govern again.

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