Why I’m Avid for Sajid Javid │ Cllr. Tom Davies

With so many MPs having put forward their candidacy we’re at risk of getting lost in all the noise, one-upmanship and occasionally innuendo. However, for me one contender clearly stands out as the best choice and that is Sajid Javid.

We Conservative Members have a great honour in selecting our next Prime Minister and we have a duty to make the right choice for the Country, for everyone – not just for our Party. I think history has shown we choose well, with some fantastic ex-Conservative Prime Ministers who have gone on to govern with great popularity.

This time it has to be Javid for two reasons; policy and personality.

Firstly, because he takes us back to what we do well, to our roots: He’s a Thatcherite at heart and that’s always resonated with the public at large. Forget the noise the left makes – empty vessels and all that – polls consistently show that our Country values the Thatcherite ideals of a low tax, high freedom and home owning nation. He’s off to a good start labelling tax cuts “a priority”.

He has his own modern take on things and as George Osborne’s protege I’d expect nothing else. He is a social liberal in the mould of Cameron and Osborne, just the sort of position that we need to attract young people back to our party. You can see this evidenced in his move to lift restrictions on medicinal cannabis.

However, he’s not shy to appeal to a wide range of people when it comes to doing what’s in the national interest. When he banned ISIS bride Shamima Begum it was to widespread praise from the public as a whole. He’s just announced that he would recruit an additional 20,000 police officers to make our streets safer.

When it comes to the B-word some have questioned Javid, but he was campaigning against the European Exchange Mechanism, the prelude to the Monetary Union, long before he entered Parliament. His credentials as a Eurosceptic stretch back far beyond half of the contenders who only took up positions when it suited.

Javid is aware of the political realities of becoming PM at this time and the expectations of our membership and the Country; indeed, on the launch of his campaign Javid acknowledged the need to, “get on and deliver Brexit.” He has not ruled out No Deal, as any sensible negotiator shouldn’t. I have faith that he would be able to come out with a better deal for Britain.

Secondly comes the pragmatic part of the consideration for our next leader – their potential and ability to lead the party into the next General Election and secure an overall majority. To return some normality to our politics and stability to our government.

He’s the son of an immigrant bus driver, someone who grew up in a modest home, who studied hard at his local comprehensive and made it to a good university. From there he entered commerce and banking, working his way up the ranks eventually as a director and board member at Deutsche Bank. He has real tangible success outside of politics – and that’s gold dust. You don’t become the managing director of a bank before you hit 40 without some serious hard work, dedication and know how. Some past co-workers have called him a genius and you can certainly see why. I think a lot of people would like to know that their leader had real world experience and real world success outside of politics.

As a side note, he took a 98% pay cut to leave the City and enter politics – clearly he has a deep sense of public service and love of Country. That much was clear from his campaign launch video, you could feel the genuine passion he has to give something back, to be honest with the British people, to fight for our interest and do his best for the Country. You can’t buy that kind of authenticity. Watch it for yourself and see.

Let’s talk about being electable for a bit: Javid really comes in to his own here. No other Conservative candidate for the leadership can claim to be as popular with the public and with our membership. Sajid topped Con Home polls among Tory Members for favourite leader quite regularly. A Hanbury poll showed non-Conservative voters were 6% more likely to vote Conservative with Javid at the helm, the highest of all candidates polled. A separate YouGov poll showed he is the most popular of the candidates with Tory voters.

It’s a sad fact that the Conservative Party does not perform well electorally with those from a minority ethnic background, and that’s something that has to change. The 2017 British Election study found that only 17% of BME voters picked the Conservatives, while about 76% went with Labour. With the BME group representing 14% of the total UK population and rising steadily, this is something that has to change if the Conservative Party wants to succeed electorally.

Even in my short time helping to run the Sajid Javid for Prime Minister Facebook page I’ve experienced first-hand that he’s able to draw people in from the BME community and engage their interest. He has the perfect backstory that’s able to inspire all of us.

I’ve been staunch in my opposition to positive discrimination before, so let me be clear: Sajid Javis is the right man for the job. That he is so able to connect with a wider audience is a bonus, one which will hopefully pay dividends.

We need a leader to deliver Brexit, but just as importantly we need a future after Brexit, a future where we adopt proper Conservative policies and a future where we can go into a general election knowing we can knock the stuffing out of an old socialist. As MP Mims Davies says, Javid is the face of Modern Britain. And Javid embodies the Conservative Dream like no one else can. He is the manifestation of why we are Conservatives; we preach the virtue of hard work as a means of advancing ourselves in life and Javid is a case study of that.

Finally – and with thanks to our outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, who was the second lady to hold the job after the great Lady Thatcher – it’s worth considering how we can create history here by making Sajid Javid the first Asian Prime Minister and making it 3-0 to the Conservative Party.

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