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Her Majesty’s Idiocracy | Toby Fitzsimmons 0

Her Majesty’s Idiocracy | Toby Fitzsimmons

“PJ Masks will do a greater job than all of them [Ministers of the Crown] put together.”  – Dominic Cummings, chief adviser to the Prime Minister.   The perfect society should be run by...


Levelling up the North: Can Johnson do it? | Jonis Liban

As a result of the General Election, the emergence of “Blue Wall” Conservative MP’s has spurred new thinking about how Boris Johnson’s government should proceed in helping “left behind communities” that have voted Conservative...


Men, Women, Sports and Souls | Michael McManus

William Blake’s 1808 illustration for a poem by William Blair shows a female soul leaving a male body. The Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko died in 1976 but his politicised, pseudo-scientific authoritarianism is flourishing here...